Borrow and lend, Fashion’s sustainable new style

Do you sometimes feel that there are too many fashion and styling choices out there, too many collections to many things to edit to your own personal style or maybe you like to play with different styles- and all those new trends are changing faster and faster?

To not lose the FUN in FASHION, we selected 5 addresses to borrow your favourite pieces from. Why? Because the concepts of share economies and recycling is in demand. You get to wear the things you like, which lasts longer anyway. And when you’re ready to switch for the next beautiful thing you obsess about, you’re giving someone else a new fashion experience, rather than letting it go to waste. Plus, you are giving your credit card the break that it deserves. Consume less, produce less, everybody wins!

Change your look every 7 days and make it a bargain to always be dressed in a head turning style. Bags, shoes and outfits. You can join the community of Style lenders and follow their style which soon could be yours as well. So much fun to look for your style match, it almost becomes a fashion game.


Browsing through Armarium is like looking through the pages of Vogue but with a smile on your face as all looks can be borrowed for affordable money and yours as long as they are in fashion. Love to browse the category OCCASSIONS which make getting dressed easy. You can pick in A network of elite stylists your favourite one available to curate a look book via the ARMIBOT, they can style you in select cities or in our NY showroom. You can Check out their profiles and see their styled editorials in World Armarium.


Their editorials get you right into the mood of getting dressed and this platform is an endless world of high fashion available to borrow from the most coveted closets in New York City.
Meet their Guest Edits like Harley Viera- Newton, DJ, Model and designer of her own line HVN line, get into her style and borrow her closet☺
You’ll find Chanel, Hermes, and Stella McCartney and you can connect with a vibrant community of like-minded women Villageluxe is currently an invite-only community. Join the waitlist for a potential invitation.

Jewellery is your very personal signature and it’s great to have enough to play with. At Switch you’ll first have to become a member to be part of a community, define your style by picking the pieces you like and then the fun begins, you can switch up your look within the community and shipping is mostly for free within the US You can pick between vintage, fine Statement and fashion jewellery. Find your favourite Chanel earrings or pick an Occasion and find suggestions for your next wedding, party or holiday. Like for example these Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings which have a value of 535 $, when you have a monthly membership they are free to borrow, but if you then love to keep them you can buy them for a good price of 365 $ Good deal isn’t it ?


Bags change every season and if you are keen on having the latest one in your arm, BAG BORROW OR STEAL might be your thing. You can borrow your favourite bag up for a month and if you like to keep it you`ll find special offers to purchase your favourite one. Browse by the NEW ARRIVAL and it will be difficult to pick just one.