Bright smiles, always

We always wonder why there are not a larger variety of tooth paste on the market and how we can make a mouth wash healing instead of filled with acidy and chemicals. We had a chat with Dr. Nina Kemper- Broer about how to make smiles bright and pretty


IRMA: Is brushing your gum also detoxing, like dry brushing your body?
NINA KEMPER – BROER: Brushing your teeth and gums can be detoxing as it takes away bacteria and plaque which can cause decay and gum disease. As you massage the surface of your gums the blood circulation is being activated and the removal of waste products is therefore aided by the lymphatic system.


IRMA: Which herbs are beneficial for your teeth and gum?
NINA KEMPER – BROER: Herbs like camomile, sage and peppermint are beneficial for the healing of the gums and are known for their antibacterial effect.
Be aware of possible side-effects of herbs if you are pregnant or suffer from a disease.

Toothpaste from Aesop and Marvis

IRMA: Is there a special anti-aging teeth care?
NINA KEMPER – BROER: Healthy teeth and gums not only provide a base for a healthy body but also let you look old if they appear messy.
So besides establishing a perfect oral hygiene, which can be supported by professional tooth cleaning at your dentist, sometimes tooth corrections make sense.
Crooked teeth cannot be cleaned properly. This is why nowadays many teens and adults seek for orthodontics to achieve straight teeth. Invisible Braces followed by retention of the correct tooth position can support anti-aging.


IRMA : How can you take care of your teeth when not at home with your toothbrush?
NINA KEMPER – BROER: You should always carry some Dent tabs in your purse which you can chew on and wash out with clear water and of course dental silk is beneficial after a meal. If you are in a rush sugar free gum is also a quick cleanser and gives you fresh breath. I like Baders protection gum with sage or green tea.


IRMA: What do you think about mouthwash, is regular use not changing the PH value of your teeth?
NINA KEMPER – BROER: You can easily make your own light mouth wash by making a concentrated camomile tea from 3 tea bags in half a cup of hot water and squeezing out the tea bags after the liquid has cooled down. This kind of mouthwash is completely natural mild and unaggressive for your teeth and gum.

Many types of mouthwash can help reduce bacteria and pathogenic agents. It should contain fluoride to strengthen your enamel and other ingredients that stabilize the physiologic pH value of your mouth, which can be damaged for example by acid beverages.

You should pay attention to the ingredients of the mouthwash. Some types of mouthwash might have a tongue-blackening effect if you use it over several weeks or months.

IRMA: Should you change your toothpaste like your facial cream?
NINA KEMPER – BROER: You should definitely change your toothbrush every few months and especially after you have had a cold or else.
Toothpaste is pretty long-lasting but as you touch it with the surface of toothbrush it might get contaminated so better wipe it or even change it it if you were sick.

To change your toothpaste from time to time makes sense, but the paste should always match with the needs of your gum and teeth.


Dr. Nina Kemper-Broer is a professional orthodontist and dentist, born in 1971 in Cologne. She is working in her private practice in the heart of Düsseldorf City, Germany. Her expertise lies in the aesthetic and invisible correction of teeth, orthodontics for patients at the age of 4 until 75.  She has 3 children herself and is always ambitious to achieve a perfect long-lasting smile for her patients and herself .