Books have a new meaning

Bookstores, a side table next to my bed piled with books, a magazine store, a vintage book vendor and a single subject book store… , when it comes to books we get nostalgic in digital times.
Since the last weeks, books have a new meaning and places associated with books are a meeting point or simply a place to hold on to time.
Books give you the luxury of time. Something we have learned in the last weeks. And that is of value.
We like to present you some of the nicest bookstores in the world and you can find many more in the latest book by Gestalten, “Do You read me?”


PAPERCUT, Beirut, Lebanon,

Photo: Cyrille Karam, “Do You Read Me?, gestalten, 2020

Besides a great selection of books this bookstore also offers a wide spectrum of cultural events all year round and that is what a bookstore is all about these days, a gathering point of culturally and literally interested people.
The interior, a mix of modernist structures and traditional elements has been created by the industrial designer Karim Chaya and FaR Architects.


Photo: Courtesy of Desperate Literature. “Do You Read Me?”, gestalten 2020

There is a huge potential in each bookstore. Selling books is more than just handing a book over the counter.
At the Desperate Literature you have for example, a Boozy Book Section, with books about cocktails and liquor, you will get a shot of Whiskey for every book you buy…


BOEKHANDEL DOMINICANEN, Maastricht, Netherlands

Boekhandel Dominicanen, Maastricht

A bookstore in a gothic church in Maastricht. Here you find a great selection of international magazines, scientific literature and books about music and theater. The community of Maastricht raised more than a 100.000 Euros in a few days to support this unique building which also hosts literature events, presentations and Jazz performances all year round.

FIL BOOKS, Istanbul, Turkey

Fil Books, Istanbul

Fil means elephant in Turkish language and ought to give this bookstore all the strength and power it needs to make books great again. Which is not really necessary as the owner, photographer and publisher had a great idea to integrate one of Istanbul’s most unique cafés into it. You should order the homemade red velvet cake and get inspired by the many art books and the bohemian art clientele who frequencies this place.



Librairie Imbernon, Marseille

There is no better place for an art and architecture book store than the Unesco protected sight Cité Radieuse from the swiss French architect Le Corbusier in Marseille, the former council flats from the 1953 holds now one of the most outstanding selection of architectural literature in Europe which is frequented by the best architects from the world who come by for the curated book selection by the owners Katia Ibernon and her husband Jean- Lucien Bonillo.

More bookstores in the latest book by gestalten, “Do you read me?

“Do you read me?”; gestalten, 2020