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PARIS: The Spring/Summer Haute Couture Shows in Paris are my favourite defilés. It seems that haute couture always has the better story to tell. Money does not matter and the creations are the best they can get in terms of texture, material, design and of course allure. Hair and make-up are most inspiring and the parties around the defilés are of true elegance. Only very few fashion bloggers, hardly any buyers and just selective clients and the international press make this time of the year in Paris to a must-go place.

Meet the Telegraph’s Fashion Director Daniela Agnelli, who is covering the shows for

From top left to bottom right: Ulyana Sergeenko, Schiaparelli, Vionnet Haute Couture, Christian Dior, Schiaparelli, Giambattista Valli, Atelier Versace, Chanel, Schiaparelli
From top left to bottom right: Ulyana Sergeenko, Schiaparelli, Vionnet Haute Couture, Christian Dior, Schiaparelli, Giambattista Valli, Atelier Versace, Chanel, Schiaparelli

Good morning, Daniela. How was your night?
Fantastic. After the Armani Show we were all (500 people) invited to an incredible seated dinner at the Palais de Tokyo, where Armani also has an exhibition, which will be on show until Sunday, January 26. Amazing food, which was perfectly done and of course beautiful tableware and decoration, very Armani. It always amazes me how they manage to get the cauliflower just right, even for 500 people.

What did you have for breakfast?
Green tea, orange juice, natural yoghurt and, because I am in Paris, I had a croissant.

The spring/summer haute couture show seems to be the real story. You see designers playing amazingly creative with form (Chanel), make-up (Schiaparelli) and texture (Dior). What do you think?
For most editors it was quite a shock to see sneakers for the haute couture show although they had embroidery and beautiful texture. Chanel and Dior gave haute couture a new angle, let’s see what will be happening next… But maybe that has to do with the trend of down-dressing at the moment.

I also saw lots of flat shoes yesterday when I visited the showrooms for the pre-Fall collections. I really like that trend.

In terms of colour, what did you see?
Chanel used very pale colours against a clean white background, which made the whole atmosphere very sporty-luxurious .The only bright colours were used by Atelier Versace who, by the way, had the most glamourous party with guests like Lady Gaga and Tom Ford, etc., Giambattista Valli had  great colour combinations in heavy silk, for example pale pink with bright yellow to pitch black. Schiaparelli was very colourful but to my taste to carnevalesque in terms of make-up and style…  Valentino was there to support the show.

And what was your favourite outfit so far?

A marine coloured jumpsuit from Christian Dior, very classic and light evening long dress from Chanel which just flows along your body. I would wear both with flat men’s shoes to work and to go out at night.

How about the make-up, is it becoming more and more a statement in dressing up?
No, the make-up was very natural, very simple and left the models with their pure, beautiful faces, no foundation at Christian Dior. It was matching the sneakers – more sportive, less drama. Except Schiaparelli, who used different coloured powders, like colour pigments in the hair and matte red lipstick.

… and jewellery?
Chanel was without jewellery, which is not very Chanel, Giambattista had amazing cuffs. I will visit the Chanel showroom later on and have a look what happened to jewellery.

Which couture look would you take into everyday life?
The sneakers, they are easy to wear every day.

Which show inspired you most for your next shoot and how will you translate it?
I haven’t seen all of them. Right now I am standing in front of Martin Margiela and I will see Valentino, Viktor & Rolf and many more today and tomorrow.

What else are you up to today?
Many more shows, appointments in the showrooms and in between coffee and lunch with some PR agents.

Any breaks? How will you regain your energy?

No break, not during the shows. Maybe tonight after a dinner I will go to bed and have sweet dreams.

Where do you meet for a coffee or un verre du rouge?
I like the Hotel Bristol for lunch and coffee during the day. They just had a renovation and it is nice to spend time there during the day. At night I prefer the Bar of l’Hotel le Meurice where you meet everybody in a cosy atmosphere.

What do you think about the new Chanel Shop at 31 Rue Cambon?
The opening was beautiful but there were so many people, so I will come back to have a close look and enjoy. Last night one lady bought a red crocodile bag, which must have cost a fortune but everybody was looking and envying her for that shopping experience….

How is the dress code during the haute couture show?
Everybody seems to down-dress. Lots of flat shoes, great big coats, etc., except for the Chanel show, where everybody dressed up and looked glamorous.

Have a nice day and see you later!

Daniela's favourite dress (dress by Chanel)
Daniela’s favourite dress (dress by Chanel)
Sneakers were everywhere (sneakers by Chanel)
Sneakers were everywhere (sneakers by Chanel)
Navy jumpsuit, Christian Dior
Navy jumpsuit, Christian Dior