Beach essentials


Sand, sunshine and the ocean – what else do you need for a perfect day at the beach? In fact, there are a few things that look good, are useful and will make your beach day even better. IRMA packed her beach bag and added a few new things.

Staying hydrated is key when you spend a day in the sun. Keep it stylish with the it-bottle of the summer. Blake Lively, Natalie Portman or Miley Cyrus, you will hardly see a Hollywood star these days without a bkr bottle, a glass bottle in a silicone sleeve that comes in a rainbow of runway-inspired colors.

It doesn’t always have to be water. How about drinking a real beauty elixir at the beach this summer? The Pique Tea tea crystals deliver delicious (ice) tea instantly. Made of whole leaf tea, brewed and crystallized, you simply pour on hot or cold water for a delicious cup of tea. Their green tea bursts with antioxidants and has a delicate aroma. How about a cup of mint sencha or jasmine green tea?

We all know that it’s essential to protect the skin from damaging UV rays. But how long can you stay in the sun and when should re-apply sunscreen? The new wearable UV patch by Roche Posay gives you all the answers. Just apply it to your skin like a band aid and scan it with your smartphone connected to an app. The patch measures your personal level of exposure to UV rays and gives you  tips about how to play safe in the sun.

One of the most relaxing things is simply sitting at the beach, looking out over the ocean towards the horizon. No need to do without some stimulating reads at the same time – simply choose from the excellent audio books available these days. This summer, IRMA listens to Portrait of an Artist: A Biography of Georgia O’Keeffe by Laurie Lisle and Grace Conlin, inspired by the current O’Keeffe exhibition at the Tate Modern, and T.C. Boyle’s “The Women” about the life of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, as told through the experiences of the four women who loved him.

We love the smell of the ocean, but there is also something about aroma oils. And because you should refrain from perfume when sun bathing, the beautiful pedants by Cor Pendant are the perfect beach companion, jewellery and aromatherapy at the same time. Simply wear them around your neck and keep your aromatherapy blend close to the heart (and nose) all day long. Mint oil is refreshing and tangerine complements the smell of salt water and sun lotion.

An article in German about beach essentials has been published in ICON magazine. Read it here.