Bags — the everyday guide

JK from IRMASWORLD with her daughter Greta. On the slider: Small and big make a perfect match, not only for shopping at the Marché Forville in Cannes

Can you have too many bags? That was the question we discussed the other day and we found out that there are two types of women, actually three. The one who has ONE favorite bag and wears this same one all the time, the other one who considers a bag a playful accessory and matches and mixes her outfits according to her mood, she never has enough bags… and the third one who does not seem to have found the bag that actually matches her proportion, her style and her needs.

We looked at the Italian brand Coccinelle, who are known for their variety of different designs, and thought which bags would actually meet our varying needs during an entire week. We had great fun pairing them, as we think you need different bags for different times of the day and a bag should not only look chic but also make your life comfortable and easy.

Enjoy this timetable like a style guide and see which bag you still need (not only if you belong to the third group).