ART & INTERIOR, an IRMA exhibition at the Interior Designer Christina Haubs

I like to introduce you to Christina Haubs who I only recently have met, and we clicked immediately as we share a common passion, unique and beautiful objects we like to collect and live with.
In January we decided to mix it up with my illustration art and it is great fun to see the edit in her gallery space at Tattenbachstrasse in Munich from Tuesday the 5th until the 28th of July.
Christina is in the art business for 25 years. See us on Thursday night from 6 – 8 pm for drinks by Chandon Garden Spritz or make an appointment at


IRMA: How important is the surrounding, the interior of a room and the art you live with?

CHRISTINA HAUBS: I am an art dealer. That means traveling a lot, seeing a lot, collecting a lot of impressions and feelings, talking to people. When I come home I like to be with the art, the objects and the impressions I have found. The environment around my home is a place where I feel good, relax and have all the things, people and objects around me that I love. where i am at home

JASMIN KHEZRI: Essentially, all three things are an extension of my personality that has grown/changed over the years and will continue to do so.
Through the places I’ve visited or lived and through the people I’ve met. I think a home is the most private and personal thing, something that should be created over the years, and it’s always changing.


IRMA: How Did you find each other?
CHRISTINA HAUBS: A wonderful summer evening with friends, wonderful wine, laughter, and well-being. Discussions about art, furnishings, exhibitions. Suddenly, the gallery on Tattenbachstrasse in Munich came into focus.
Jasmine talked enthusiastically about it. Suddenly I noticed that Jasmin was talking about my gallery. Raquel, a mutual friend, then had the idea of doing an exhibition with Jasmin’s illustrations. That was at the end of 2019. The great thing is conversations, ideas and nice evenings bring people together. In 2022 we are finally able to realize our project together and I am really happy about that.

JASMIN KHEZRI: I’ve been passing by Christina’s beautiful shop for many years, when I was still working as an art director at Süddeutsche Magazin. I walked by after work when it was closed but loved looking at every detail inside through the large bay window. There is always so much to discover. Christina has exceptional taste combining unusual objects, furniture, art, flowers and table linens. It looks effortless, elegant, unusual and very French for my taste. It always reminded me of my childhood where we spent a lot of time in Mougins in the south of France.

IRMA: What does illustration mean to you?
CHRISTINA HAUBS:For me, illustration is the most direct and strongest form of artistic expression. With a few skilfully reduced brushstrokes you can express the essential. The absolute art of reduction without frills. Simply ability.

JASMIN KHEZRI: I studied graphic design and communication Design at Parsons School of Design in Paris and graduated in Los Angeles. For me illustration is a mix of fine art and visual communication. In my mind I always had cinematic posters which gave me lots of inspiration when I lived in Los Angeles, or the Travel Posters, by Swiss Graphic Designers like Siegfried Odermatt , Armin Hoffman and Typography by Emil Ruder. These influences gave me the impulse to start illustrating.

My first assignment as an illustrator in Germany was to illustrate the column, der Erziehungsberater by author Axel Hacke, while I was working at the Süddeutsche Magazine. Later, in 1996, I received the Förderpreis der Stadt München award for applied arts for my work as art director for JETZT, the youth magazine, where my illustration style became more graphic and less textured.

IRMA: How do you describe your style?
CHRISTINA HAUBS: I’m looking for pieces with character. That means corners and edges. My pieces are handpicked and unique. What they must have is quality, style and charisma that unite across all eras and then understand very well. That’s called joie de vivre and the courage to achieve something special. My style is versatile with a lot of the unusual.

JASMIN KHEZRI: A travel in time rarely without colour, handmade, contrasting in medium and presentation.

IRMA: How do you currently feel about your home?
When you see and buy so many beautiful and exciting things, home is constantly changing. Of course, you have favourite pieces, e.g. heirlooms or family pieces that you don’t exchange. But sometimes you fall in love again and then old loves have to give way. It is important to me that we, my family and I, always feel comfortable in our home. For me, a home is subject to change, just like us humans. Change at home, yes, but not too much so that you don’t lose yourself and lose your calm.

JASMIN KHEZRI: I love my home, but sometimes things need to change. I always feel this way, it drives me and gives me joy to create something new that I’m a part of.