Arabian Sands – Bab Al Shams

A stopover in Dubai is a common thing these days if you are lucky enough to get on an Emirates plane and head back west. This time we decided to skip the downtown and head for the countryside, or rather the dunes.
Situated in the boarder of the Dubai desert, Bab Al Shams is a luxurious desert resort renowned for its distinctive and secluded ambience. Offering an escape to the desert landscape while remaining close to the bustling city of Dubai, Bab Al Shams, which means “Gateway to the Sun” in Arabic, offers guests a traditional Arabian experience through its architecture and design. The resort offers beautifully designed rooms and suites, each meticulously crafted to reflect the rich heritage and culture of the region, allowing guests to enjoy modern amenities amidst the desert scenery.

The desert

In addition to its welcoming accommodation, Bab Al Shams offers a wide range of recreational activities and facilities. From a relaxing spa and inviting swimming pools to dining options that highlight both local and international cuisine, the resort caters to a wide range of interests. Outdoor enthusiasts can take part in camel rides, desert safaris and, most notably, the exhilarating desert driving experience, where guests can take part in desert safaris and dune bashing adventures. Specially equipped Land Rover Defenders navigate the breathtaking sand dunes for an adrenaline-fueled and unforgettable adventure.

Peaceful Bab Al Shams

We had a guided desert drive, led by our expert driver Willem Du Plooy, which gave us the opportunity to navigate the challenging and picturesque terrain of the Arabian Desert. This desert driving experience enhances the overall stay at Bab Al Shams, allowing guests to not only enjoy the luxurious surroundings, but also to appreciate the natural beauty of the desert while indulging in the excitement of off-road exploration.

Jasmin Khezri in the Desert. Poolside

Adding to its allure, the resort now boasts a brand new spa, offering guests an added dimension of relaxation and rejuvenation. The Spa at Bab Al Shams offers a range of pampering treatments such as the traditional Moroccan Hammam and all other wellness services, allowing guests to unwind in a tranquil oasis in the desert, especially after a day in the dunes and on horseback.

In the Royal Stables of Dubai

Bab Al Shams offers the opportunity to visit the nearby Royal Stables, home to the famous endurance race. Guests can witness the majesty of Arabian horses, renowned for their strength and endurance, and gain an insight into the region’s rich equestrian heritage. Visiting the Royal Stables adds a unique and enriching dimension to staying at Bab Al Shams, and I highly recommend riding out in the morning.

Peaceful Bab Al Shams

Desert ride with Willem Du Plooy
Book a Hamam treatment and body scrub at the Desert Spa
Stay in a room with desert views.
Enjoy the sunset at Zala

Come on a weekend. Party-hungry expats enjoy themselves.
Stay in a ground floor room near the pool


The Falconry and the Spa at the Bab Al Shams

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courtyards at the Bab Al Shams