An opening lunch to celebrate the bread and the beautiful

When living, interior, fashion and fine food comes together one thinks immediately of a concept store, or when in larger scale, a department store.

At Britta Peters Munich store one could also add the word Holiday shop or neighbourhood café, as the smaller the better, the more her concept is envisioned by her friends and clients. Britta Peters Interior shop and health food Café Bibi is located in Bogenhausen on the Highstreet of this affluent residential area, where something like this had been missing.

The pale rose and olive-green tiles and the high ceilings give you the immediate feel of vacation, not to mention the many good things you associate with your time off.

A place where you can stop for a moment, take time to discover thing for your home, cloths that feel good to wear and find a very unique style.

Pottery from France, dresses by the South Tyrolian label Bergfabel, the German brand an an londree with their hand painted fabrics, the London based fashion label Injiri as well as handwoven baskets and fine porcelain by Marie Daage.

IRMASSTUDIO was commissioned to create the Logo, CI and Webshop. The concept was clear as most of the goods Britta Peters sells are handmade, the Logo needed to be hand painted as well.


The spirit of the shop came to its full bloom when Britta celebrated the opening of the store with a lunch concept that stands for her philosophy of food and sharing.

Together with the food photographer and stylist Kathrin Koschitzki we developed a concept of two different kind of bread spreads, green (pea and humus dip) and red, made of beetroot and humus . A sweet biscuit bread with some Creme Patisserie and red berries was served as a desert.
The flowers had been arranged by the florist Julia Amann and there was a flower stand right in front of the shop where guests could buy fresh flowers all day long.
The place got busy and everyone helped themselves from the green, pale pink painted giant board covered with the mini canapé size mini breads, sipping Ginger lemonades and ice frappés.
Bibi’s Café loves to keep it simple and put the focus on their homemade sourdough bread which is daily baked fresh and served for lunch with scrambled eggs and avocado spreads.
The ceramics and fine glasses as well as the fashion had been the talk of the lunch which was also attended by the design duo an an londree and journalists as well as friends of the house.

Sandwiches at Café BiBi




Mixed patterns


Britta Peters and Alex Degel


Healthy food


Florist Julia Amann




Henry Ottmann

Britta Peters & Café BiBi

Ismaningerstr. 82
81675 München

Open weekdays from 10:00 – 18:00



The event was planned by IRMASSTUDIO in collaboration with