Floral magic


Lately we have been inspired by flowers all over the world and if you follow IRMA on her travels, she always finds a unique florist or a place where flowers are as powerful and beautiful as we haven’t imagined before. No surprise that the fashion world also gets inspired by bouquets, plants and blossoms, and of course the extension of a fashion item is a perfume that matches the mood of a look, a feel and a season.

We looked at Viktor & Rolf’s FLOWERBOMB perfume, which immediately gets us in a good mood during shorter days and longer nights. The mix of flowers is as surprising as their fashion and makes us see and feel flowers differently than before.

Viktor & Rolf FLOWERBOMB

For example, next to orchid there is Arabian jasmine. Even if jasmine doesn’t like snow and frost, the white and fragrant blossom is reminiscent of a fluffy snowflake, i.e., a very elegant and classy option to embellish your home through the Advent season and bring softness inside. Of course there is rose – well, I guess a woman is a woman and never gets tired of the fine scent of a bunch of roses spreading throughout her home. Frankly, don’t wait for the next bouquet your loved one might bring home. Let it be your Advent wreath this year or at least decorate your green branches with pink, fragrant roses. Not to mention the aromatherapeutic and emotional aspects flowers bring to us. Also jasmine and rose are balancing and could be helpful during stressful familiy get-togethers.

But naturally those two flowers also stand for love and sensuality. In terms of love, FLOWERBOMB also includes freesia, which stands for truth and fidelity. But even more, freesia cheers us up with bright and strong coloured blossoms.

As cosy as winter-time is, the days are short and we lack colour and sunlight. And if you might think freesia is a bit old-fashioned in its visual appearance, think of it as having that vintage appeal. You just have to arrange it the right way: Take only 3 to 5 freesias of one colour, cut them into different lengths, so that if you arrange them into a vase, they seem to weave out and illuminate the entire room with their vibrant colour. Voilà!

FLOWERBOMB also comes with a hint of patchouly and vanilla. Some might think those two are too sweet or to heavy when standing alone, but patchouly gives warmth at night after a frosty day outside. And when it comes to vanilla: Did you know that the more you are surrounded by a sweet scent, like vanilla, the less you’ll crave for sweet treats? So with all the gingerbread and delicious baked goods in the cookie jar, you might want to surround yourself with some extra vanilla scent for no regrets after Christmas.

With FLOWERBOMB you do not have to think to much about each single scent and what good it does to you, rather spritz it around yourself, your dressing room, powder room and onto your linens to indulge yourself in that bouquet of flowers, that explosion of floral notes.

Just in time for the winter and Christmas season, there is even FLOWERBOMB Limited Edition, a magical, frosty bottle that seems to have been inspired by ice sculptures and that holds inside a sort of frosted garden of these beloved floral scents. So who says that ice and snow don’t go well with flowers?