A weekend in Puglia with Hertz Selezione Italia in collaboration with Garage Italia

Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld and Garage Italia’s Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e for Hertz.

One more holiday wish of my bucket list came true this summer. Now you can rent an authentic car by the special division Selezione Italia from the car rental company Hertz.

Just imagine driving in an open Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e to the beach.

Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld with the Fiat 500 Jolly “Spiaggina” Icon-e at San Domenico Beach


You might already have found your authentic dream holiday home, but something was still missing to have the one of a kind Italian experience.

Jolly “Spiaggina”. illustration © IRMA

Imagine this service like renting a boat for a day, a week or maybe even a month.
That came first to my mind when I drove this little land tender, which got me from A to B and put me in a holiday mood the moment I turned the keys.
The overall feel and design looks like a scene of “The talented Mr. Ripley” by Patricia Highsmith.
The simple yet to the point designed dash board with vintage details, the authentic body work, the seating made out of hemp rope so you can drive in your wet bikini back home and the original piccolino size but with a modern signature twist by the famous Garage Italia all adds up to a really chic way of getting around.

On the way to the beach at Polignano a Mare

The drive is simple and almost meditating as this little e-jewel makes no noise and driving through the olive grove, listening to the cicadas is pure bliss.

We took a drive along the Italian coastline of Puglia, spend the days in Beach Clubs and the nights at the most beautiful Masserias on the countryside.
Took an Aperitivo during the blue hour on the piazzas of the many small towns around Fasano overlooking the see and visited Alberobello, a village known for its famous trulli houses.

White road

An experience that let us feel 100% authentic, living the best of what Italy stands for and the sustainable ID of a car, not only fun to drive but also blending into nature and modern life.


Jasmin Khezri from irmasworld and Garage Italia’s Fiat 500 Jolly Spiaggina Icon-e for Hertz. Foto © Enes Kucevic

The speed is relaxed and you are not allowed to drive on the motorway which you wouldn’t want anyways as this car is made for the narrow streets of the many beautiful towns in Puglia or the rough nature and hills in the hinterland.
Take a picnic basket along for a lunch on the olive tree groves or use your Spiaggina as a shopping basket when running errands at the local food market.

little beauty

Available to rent from late June, the new launch sees the further expansion of Hertz’s successful Selezione Italia offering, which brings together the best of “Made in Italy” iconic cars and high-end personalised service, to create a bespoke, luxury motoring experience.

The offer will be available also for other iconic cars of the Hertz Best Fleet like the Abarth 124 Spider, the Maserati Ghibli or the Alfa Romeo 4c, just to name a view and so far this car collection is available in Puglia, Neapel or Milan ….Enjoy the ride


Favourite Masseria in Puglia:

Masseria Brigantino
Masseria Cimino
Masseria Torre Coccaro

Favourite Beach Clubs in Puglia

Le Palme Beach Club
San Domenico Beach


Foto © Enes Kucevic

This trip was supported by Hertz Italia