A garden in Venice is great luxury. Stay at the JW Marriott and enjoy a park

Jasmin Khezri at Isola della Rose, JW Marriott Venice

It can get very hot in Venice and strolling around the alleys and many piazzas is asking for some cooling change of scenery at night.

That is the reason why I chose to stay at the JW Marriott, a former sanatorium for pulmonary patients located on Isola delle Rose about 15 minutes by boat from San Marco.

The island itself has no beach but a beautiful historical park and all the amenities a luxury hotel has to offer.

This year’s Bienale Architettura was just about to begin and there was still a mild wind at night. So, we enjoyed taking our aperitivo admiring the Venetian skyline from the hotel’s rooftop bar.

View of Venice from the JW Marriott

As you know by now I am a big fan of gardens and botanicas. One more reason to book a La Maisonette suite at the Residences with direct access to a private garden overlooking the olive grove. By the way, the hotel is the only olive oil producer located in Venice and the rich taste of the oil is due to the very mineral values of the island’s soil. That was the reason for my curiosity to visit the gardener’s greenhouse straight away which lays behind the Michelin star restaurant Dopolavoro . All meals are cooked with organic vegetables and herbs and walking around the wild but very thought after garden is a great treat.

The park of the Isola delle Rose

Besides, when coming home at night from busy Venice I took a bike cycling around the lush island garden. There are hidden corners everywhere that make you stop to daydream or maybe for a picnic with fresh homemade panini and a chilled bottle of garden peach Bellini.

And when you are getting too tired of spending an entire day at the Giardini looking at architectural news, spend a day at the GOCO Spa (the largest spa in Venice) for a massage on your private outdoor terrace overlooking the Laguna to Venice.

The olive grove at the JW Marriott Venice

If you are more the sportive type you can join the Yoga or Pilates lessons in the morning or just put on your running shoes for a cross island run whenever you like. I was taken by the biggest pool in Venice to swim my morning laps, although it was hard to decide which pool to choose, the large one in the garden or the rooftop plunge overlooking Venice.

The Garden Pool is the largest pool in Venice

Anyhow, if you are both a nature lover and a cultural tourist this is you place to be.

Can’t get enough of the view


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A RIDE ON THE BIKE whenever you get back from Venice

PILATES IN THE GARDEN, between the olive trees smelling the lush blooms of roses.

OLIVE OIL TASTING with home baked bread

BOOK A MASSAGE at Goco Spa and have your treatment on your private terrace overlooking the Laguna.


LEARN HOW TO COOK at the Sapori Cooking Academy

FEEL LIKE A VENITIAN FAMILY and treat your family and friends to a stay at the hotel’s private Villa


Jasmin Khezri wears a dress by Hermès Summer 2018 collection, shoes by Mango, sunglasses by Celine


This story was made possible with the generous support of the JW Marriott Venice