The TOD’S gift guide makes a #pawfectholiday

Just imagine spending the holidays with your family, a best friend or just a loving companion, like your dog. This holiday season will not be the same, but we make the best out of it and enjoy making gifts to our loved ones.

Whether it is a comfy pair of sneakers to stroll around in the park or a pair of high heels that make you stand straight and proud of what you have achieved in this unusual year. Anyhow, be ready to go out, spend a day in nature with your pet, play around, fill your Holly bag with your favourite chocolates and grab a coffee-to-go to just walk through the town.

It is a different time, but joy and comfort come with the feeling of love and giving.

Here is my selection for a gift guide I put together from TOD’S,  a label I put an eye on since Walter Chiapponi took over for the Fall 2020 collection.

I like his easy and effortless approach of elegance and coolness. His cloths are easy to move around whether it is a busy day or times of leisure. His accessories like the Holly Bag underline this style and the way he works with proportions make a simple look unique.


Shop my selected looks and accessories at TODS


Photos by Irmasworld

Dog: Our dog Polly @nellythebeagle

Location: Friedensengel, Munich, Bavaria