9 living accessories that make your apartment look brand new

The start of a New Year let us think of some change. Although there is not much we can change about the current situation.
We can change our space to match this invigorating energy and create a new living atmosphere with these accessories.



1. Now as flower stores and markets had been closed you need serious imagination to arrange bouquets from the winter landscape outside. But no worries we found and arranged these flowers (or dead branches) at Starnberger See. Mostly dried, but still beautiful in a summery ceramic vase.


2. Put it in a box not only to keep order but to please your eye. Like this lacquered box by Hermès, which is a piece of art by itself and gives every bedroom a magical appeal. I like to keep my rings inside and choose a different one every day.
Ring on hand by La Manso, other rings found at an antique market in Istanbul.


3. A blanket is like a canvas. Drape it on your bed or sofa or just wear it as a poncho when watching telly at night. Find more about our IRMA Art blanket No 01.
It gives an immediate art touch to your place.


4. A new carpet or kilim from a faraway dream place makes your apartment immediately a globetrotter place. Although travelling might be a distant dream, it reminds you of the places you have visited and influenced your personal visual style. A carpet also gives a certain appeal of cosiness.


5. A chair is a most important interior object. If they are unique and special, they are almost like a sculpture and you can never have enough chairs. I always buy different ones and look for interesting structures, colours and materials. This yellow leather chair by Hermès works in perfect contrast to my wooden panel study room.
Basket by Irmasworld.


6. Trays not only make perfect places to set lightening and a vase with flowers. They are great if you do not want to add another side table and when they come in colours (from Schönbuch) they give a nice accent to your interior.
Graphic series candle by Diptique, and ceramic plate by @beapedersen in collaboration with irmasworld .


7. Mix and match different materials, fabrics and print but find a balance that express a harmony in your living space.
Pillow by Hermès, vintage 1976 chair with material from La Maison Pierre Frey, bucket bag by irmasworld,.


8. Serve your tea beautifully, with a lacquered tray by Hermès and a ceramic tea cup from Marrakesh market , it gives you a hint of spring during grey January days.


9. A daybed perfectly fits into our new home office situation. Comfortable for an afternoon nap and break from your duties at home. Add a pillow for comfort and one of our travel posters to dream about your favourite travel destination. More Fernweh, click here .