The best hair care products for winter

The beginning of the new year is also the time to search my cosmetics product cabinet. Let’s clean out expired products, or creams, lotions that started to smell funny, changed texture or color. Oils and serums in particular only last a short time after opening.
When it comes to my hair care, I take extra care in winter when cold, dry air and rooms heated by radiators make hair look dull and feel brittle.

Shiny, healthy hair is the basis for looking relaxed and happy, whether it’s tied in a ponytail or just casually framing a face. Even if you currently can’t get your hair cut in a hair salon, hair care becomes even more important.

Check out IRMAS manual for super healthy hair.

This hair oil repairs, protects and shields the surface of the hair. It is perfect against frizz and protects the hair from the hairdryers heat. Different oils nourish the hair and give it it’s natural shine.

A must have tool to start your styling after washing your hair, to create a perfect base, especially with curly and fizzy hair.
I use a few drops of hair oil all the time, it refreshes the hair style and nourishes the hair structure.


I usually have several different ones, depending on how the weather influences my hair structure and volume. So instead of always taking the same hair care products, analyze the condition of your hair before using the perfect shampoo, conditioner and mask. All of the above are made with the best ingredients and are extra enriched.

RAHUA, HYDRATION Shampoo, ORIBE Gold Repair & restore Shampoo, ORIBE intense moisture and control conditioner and GISOU, honey infused hair mask.

Depending on how well you take care of the nourishing base of your hair, the sensitive skin where the follicles sit and regulate hair growth via a complex interaction between hormones, neuropeptides, and immune cells. the better will be the condition and quality of your hair.
Fern extract, cinnamon, hyaloron, ginko , kigelia and caffeine stimutalte the circulation and protects the skin against heat and dryness at the same time.

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