The new Rolls-Royce Ghost

Yesterday I had the pleasure to test drive the latest Rolls-Royce Ghost on a tour from Munich to Achensee and passing back via Tegernsee. A lovely route for driving this incredibly beautiful car. Needless to say, that it almost felt light gliding over the roads and feeling the comfort in each curve through the lush, cinnamon coloured Bavarian countryside. 


Here seven facts you want to know when you are interested in an alliance between perfectly balanced design, highest technology and making your car a comfort zone.

  1. Post-Opulent Rolls-Royce interior should relax you from your daily stress. Authentic materials (what looks like metal is metal, not plastic). It feels natural and calming, especially when the interior is in Powder Blue leather.
  2. The only components carried over from the first Goodwood Ghost were the Spirit of Ecstasy and umbrellas. The Spirit of Ecstasy sits in a lake of clean bonnet. No clutter around. Quite minimalistic. She emerges directly through the car’s bonnet instead of sitting atop the grille. It creates the impression of breaking through the surface of a lake.
  3. Down lit Pantheon grille discreetly illuminates Rolls-Royce iconography. Twenty LEDs set underneath the top of the Pantheon grille give the car a unique lighting signature.
  4. Effortless doors are the next innovation of Rolls-Royce’s iconic coach doors, opening and closing with accommodating ease. Placing them in motion requires only the smallest gesture, leaving the initiator with the sense of being assisted by an obliging, built-in chauffeur.
    Rolls-Royce Ghost, Foto © Enes Kucevic.


  5. The famous ride quality. Rolls-Royce calls it the “formula for serenity, a “near-silent” soundstage in the car, but an amazing concert hall sound system brings music to a next level.
    Rolls-Royce Ghost, Foto © Enes Kucevic.


  6. That straight pinstriped line going from behind the headlines to just before the taillights is hand painted by the one and only Mark Court. He creates the last step in the manufacturing process and he just can’t mess up that line. There is no eraser that will fix it. The paint has special properties that instantly bond it to the underlying car paint.
    I call this most precise hand-made art effect, a specification by Rolls-Royce.
  1. Oh, and by the way: did you know that the car fridge has two specific settings to chill either your vintage or your regular champagne? Vintage tastes most deliciously at 6 degree and regular champagne best to enjoy at 11 degree. You can pre-set these temperatures in the new Rolls-Royce Ghost

We would like to thank Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. for enabling a test-drive with the new Rolls-Royce Ghost