6 reasons for a Happy Easter at Home

By now we are convinced being at home and adapting to this new way of life (it will never be as it has been before) is not so bad.
Six reasons why it is worth to change a way of life, going into new directions and evaluating the past. Our thoughts are with the many victims who already lost their lives to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

1. Ok, the last weeks some of us stayed in pyjamas all day or their trainers and fitness wear just to get this staying-at-home kind of feeling. Now we should take the opportunity to get dressed again for the Easter celebration with your families or starting the next week dressing up for the supermarket. Dress by Alexandra Rich, Spring/Summer 2020.
A traditional Easter bread is mandatory and this new trend about baking your own bread is pure meditation or the joy of the simple life, but to the point.


2. Another option to stay at home chic and dressy, this combination by Miu Miu, Spring/Summer 2020 with a cigarette purse bag by Jil Sander.
Going for long walks in your neighbourhood to discover the essence of spring that stands for new beginnings, not only in our mind.


3.Time is luxury and we should save time now and have more quality time. No social engagements, no commuting. Add all this time up and your day will be longer than expected. Dress by Horror Vacui.


4 .Find places in your town that remind you of faraway travels. There are many places in Munich for example that remind me of other places in the world. Like for example the southern part of the Englischer Garten, which is rather lush and wild and reminds me of Dorset in some part. Use your imagination!
Cooking simple but delicious food gave me much joy the last weeks and in case you are tired of you own cooking try a new cookbook or a foreign cuisine, it will definitely taste different.
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5. Indulge in the little things. That might be a change of material for your favourite chair in your apartment or a Champagne Rosé by Ruinart accompanied by your Easter Sunday morning egg, half boiled with salmon eggs instead of salt.


6. Spread the creative bug in your family and make everyone paint, sing, dance or write. Anything to use your creative mind makes you happy, that is a fact.
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