5 Things that make us glow from inside out

November blues is in full swing, grey days, hazy light and very often dull skin and tired eyes. IRMA edited her favourite beauty tools and tricks to make you happy from inside and radiant from outside. Here we go:


With the method Hayo’u by Katie Brindle.

A range of stone crystal by Hayo’u by Katie Brindle

This method is inspired by Chinese medicine, Hayo’u uses a combination of skincare and crystals in restorative Gua’Sha massage rituals that de-stress the body and mind. By using the different crystal stones and massaging your face and body, toxins are released, skin cells are activated, and the restoration of the skin and cells is highly active, besides this ritual does not take lots of time and effort. It is a concept that also relaxes your mind and can be integrated easily into your daily skin care regime.



Currently in IRMA’S Make Up pouch

Make sure to use blushes, eyeshadow, powder etc. from a brand that works with high pigments. The benefit of a good high pigmented decorative beauty product is not only that the colors are more intense and longer lasting but also do they nourish your skin at the same time, very often with high quality mineral oils and other smoothing ingridients. We love the range of Francois Nars.

Face Powder: Laguna
Blush: Gina
Eye Shadow: Virgin Gorda
Lip Stick. Dolce Vita



Colour for your nails on grey days

Need to be taken care off, especially when the air is dry from radiators or extreme cold weather. Do not forget to nourish your nails as well and keep your nails covered in bright summer hues. We love that contrast of a bright coral or pink to a tweed coat.

Chanel Nail Polish: Turban



The high Potency Nocturnal Renewal Set by FINE (fi-ne) skin care

Optimise your skin care for an ultimate nourishing effect over night as your skin has more ability to renew itself at night better than during the day.

The high Potency Nocturnal Renewal Set by Fi-ne skincare has an overnight face and eye mask that works on an organical biological certification. First add the eye-mask and then the Face mask and let it act over night.



Wear bright hues to darker colours and have in mind that orange flatters almost everyone during dull winter months. You just have to find the right tonality for your skin tone.

Which means go as often as you can for walks in fresh air, no matter what weather condition. Close down your computer and screen time early at night to rest your skin and eyes and practice some yoga at least 5 minutes a day. A headstand or dog asana regulates blood sugar, which means better skin, clearer eyes and a good blood circulation.

STILL LIFE FOTOS produced by IRMA STUDIO/ Jasmin Khezri