5 ideas to create your own Cabana

During my last trip to Bodrum I pretty quickly found one of my favourite spots at the beach of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Outdoor pillows by Philippe Garcia for Hermès .Photo: Philippe Garcia

At the end of their turquoise, sandy beach was a row of cabanas with direct access to the azure blue sea where you could spend your day in full privacy. Which seems to be the greatest luxury in the months of June and July.

If you are not so lucky to find a private spot along a deserted coastline in Greece or Portugal where else do you have privacy and of course everything you want at your hands like chilled drinks, in-Cabana massages and the cosiness of a perfect sunbed.

A red mousseline caftan by Casa Nata is the perfect cabana wear


We enjoyed it so much that IRMA found all pretty things to create your own cabana at your apartment or garden of your home.

It’s summer and we should all actually live outside.

  1. Let’s start with pillows. The more the better and make sure that they are made from water resistant material so that you could leave them outside. Hermès makes pretty ones but there are many fabric manufacturers that have a wide range of outdoor materials.
  2. Get dresses, in the most comfortable way. You might even not wear a Bikini, just a flowing caftan made of fine linen or silk. A cabana is like a house by the sea and comfort starts with the materials closest to you.
    The Trama Drink series by Kartell makes an elegant tableware in sparkling ocean colours. Photo: Kartell


  3. Make yourself a drink, a carafe of ginger and cucumber water infused with mint or lime. Pretty glass wear makes it easy to get your water ratio of 2 litres a day.
  4. Book a private massage or food massage, why not on your garden terrace when it’s warm outside. Hear the birds singing or the leaves moving in the wind is better than any spa location.
    Enjoy a massage in the shade by the sea. Picture courtesy Mandarin Oriental Bodrum


  5. Play with different patterns and textures, even when your Cabana space is limited it will actually make the space appear bigger. Use materials on the wall to hide ruff structures or ugly walls and have your favourite plants, Lavender, Aloe, Mint & Thyme nearby. The scents make you dream of summer.


Irma spends her days in June at the private Cabanas of the Mandarin Oriental in Bodrum. Find an open space by the sea for yourself in a modern interior lots of wood and a fresh breeze from the Aegean Sea.