Be inspired by the Four Seasons Geneva

Under the topic of FSMasterdish you will have the chance to be inspired and visually indulged by the most delicious food experience you will be able to enjoy at the Four Seasons worldwide until the 27th of December 2019.
The Canadian Hotel group’s signature flower arrangements already created a unique CI long time ago and this season it is all about food. Like for example the 35 different kinds of vegetables aliening the Scampi signature dish created by Chef Seno from the Il Lago at the Four Seasons Hotels des Bergues Geneva .


Or try the roof top Japanese restaurant IZUMI by Chef Mitsuru Tsukada who used to cook at Nobu and many other fine kitchens world-wide. He is known for his unusual food combinations like lobster with fois gras or pan-fried John-Dory with Sake truffle sauce.

But this traditional Hotel de Bergues, one of the oldest one in Geneva is inspiring the whole way. Weather it is the rather classic interior of the room overlooking Lake Geneva, the roof top pool that makes you plan your day easily while swimming your morning lanes or teatime at the Le Bar de Bergues, where Geneva meets up for afternoon tea or drinks at night.

Foodie Friday is all about getting in the mood for the Four Seasons exquisite and authentic cuisine. Worldwide their chefs hold together 27 Michelin Stars and you can get a bite of it on their Instagram @FourSeasons until the 27th of December at #FSMasterDish.

Bon Apetit!

The Four Seasons entrance hall, always stunning with their seasonal flower arrangements.


ll Lago by Chef Massimiliano Sena, Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva.


Five a clock tea at the Le Bar de Bergues.


My Room with a view.


Le Jet d’eau, lake Geneva.


The most inspiring flower bouquets are found at the Four Seasons world-wide.


Get dressed in my room. My next dressing room will be like THIS.


Roasted Scampi with Shisho Dressing by Mitsuru Tsukada, IZUMI at the Four Seasons Geneva and Jasmin wears a dress by Tory Burch Resort 2020.

You can book this weekend trip directly at Radermacher Reisen

Many thanks to the Four Seasons for making our stay as unique and beautiful as it was.