10 living trends IRMA dreams about

January is the month for rethinking, not only your fitness or living routine but also how you can make your life easier and your home prettier. A new wall colour can make a dramatic change, so why not consider the colour of the year 2018, ULTRA VIOLET, as Pantone suggests, and as the paint companies translate it (see no. 3).

Forget about Metro tiles and think of thicker, rustic looking ceramic tiles for your kitchen. Are we going back to the countryside look?

Look for furniture that has a humorous or artistic side to it. Your room will be filled with joy and laughter.

Mix more handmade ceramics with a dull glaze into your tableware, almost looking like sculptures or art objects.

Make your balcony the extension of your living room and bring out all your inside furniture. Or incorporate more plants into your indoors.

Persian carpets are back. If you can get your hands on antiques, grab them fast before the interior shops will stock them up.

Move over, grey and beige! ULTRA VIOLET is officially the colour of 2018. I painted IRMA on her purple sofa with colours by The Little Greene Company.

Mid-century modern will go soon, believe it or not, but Memphis and Biedermeier will replace your Eames Lounge chair.

Create your own flower bouquets, simple and looking as if you had just hand picked them in the garden of your country house.

The layout of our apartment will change more and more. No one needs a dining room any longer, convert it into a library or a drawing room and the living room can be smaller and cosier but make your kitchen the biggest place to entertain friends and actually live in all day.

You no longer want decorated rooms that are dull but you will curate your room like a stage setting. Think of a movie or play, with artwork and books curated to your means and leisure.

Stella McCartney
Off White
Bottega Veneta