The art of tattooing by Sasha Unisex comes very close to nature

Temporary tattoo art by Sasha Unisex

Sasha is one lovely lady with an incredible talent. Her tattoos have the watercolor vibe inspired by nature. When I first met her in Germany, I was mesmerized by her kindness and her beauty. Her art is unique – and big companies like BMW, Estée Lauder, NIKE, etc. have collaborated with her.

She tattooed a motorcycle seat for BMW and designed temp tattoos for Estée Lauder. She colored up the opening of the biggest NIKE store in Europe with pins and patches and temp tattoos and and there is a long list of companies that love her artwork. Sasha is from St Petersburg and lives in Italy. She recently got married and is a romantic by nature.

Temporary tattoo art by Sasha Unisex

IRMA: Does being married change your artistic energy?

SASHA UNISEX: I guess I became more feminine and calm. But marriage has not affected my creative energy in any way, it seems to me that these things are not interconnected, because I draw and create when I am alone.

IRMA: Would you like to know your future? Why? Or why not?

SASHA UNISEX: I plan the near future. But sometimes life turns one way, which you cannot imagine. Sometimes these unexpected changes are pleasant, and sometimes not so. Nevertheless, I love life and accept all its twists and turns, it’s interesting for me to watch the development of life. At the same time, I try to be an honest, kind and open person, as I believe that all things come back boomerang.

Inspired by nature: colorful temporary tattoo art by Sasha Unisex

IRMA: If you could only have one tattoo, where would it be and what would be the message?

SASHA UNISEX: I would choose a red heart. It means love for me and not to forget that this is the main meaning of life.

IRMA: How does nature inspire you?

SASHA UNISEX: I am an artist, and I think in forms and color spots. In nature, there is an infinite number of unexpected and surprising combinations of color and form, so for me it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It seems to me that everything that man created was originally inspired by nature.

IRMA: If you could choose a room with a view, what would be the view?

SASHA UNISEX: It would be a view of the ocean and the blue sky, which I could admire every day and enjoy its colours.

Temporary tattoo art by Sasha Unisex also works in black and white