An illustrated chat with fashion designer and entrepreneuse Inès de la Fressange

Inès is unstoppable – after launching her own fashion label last year and her usual cooperations with fashion houses like Uniqlo and Roger Vivier, she now published her second book in France, LES PARISIENS together with ELLE author Sophie Gachet. This time it is a Parisian style guide for Les Monsieurs, with the experts’ ideas demonstrated on the gentlemen around them photographed by Benoit Peverelli. The book also has all kinds of latest addresses in Paris which are not only for the men’s world and Inès and Sophie’s take on gentlemen’s style also inspired IRMA who loves to pick and buy from the men’s department lately.

We are happy to introduce Inès de la Fressange in our first ILLUSTRATED CHAT in our latest series at IRMASWORLD.

IRMA: How do you feel most comfortably dressed at which location in Paris, that makes you happy?

INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: Anywhere in the world: white jeans and a navy blue jacket is fine for me. In Paris I love Left Bank, Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Saint Germain des Prés. That’s why I wanted my shop (Inès de la Fressange Paris, 24 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris) to be there.

IRMA: You leave the house and see your reflection in a window and you think: My outfit looks horrible – what do you do?

INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: I change quickly and put on a navy blue sweater. Whatever I will have to do, it will be ok. I do prefer to change rather than feeling bad all day long.

IRMA: Do you have a piece in your closet that you rarely wear and mostly admire but that you wouldn’t give it up, no matter how long it hangs untouched?

INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: Indeed. I am a woman ! (laughs) I have a tweed jacket from my brand that I rarely wear it, but I know there will always be a moment when I wish to have a tweed jacket!

IRMA: You could design ANY item you want. What would it be and why?

INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: A perfect velvet caraco: I always try but never totally succeed.

IRMA: What scares you?

INÈS DE LA FRESSANGE: Losing people I love, if it’s a question about life. If it’s about fashion: plastic clogs ! (laughs)

IRMA: Is there something you are improving about yourself and haven’t quite achieved yet?

INES DE LA FRESSANGE: Meditating every day.