How to do vintage


Jasmin wears a silk slip dress by Chloè summer 2014 Collection, Givenchy jacket and Saint Laurent bag from 2012.

I am very happy to be part at the newly published German book “Wir lieben Vintage”by Marianne von Waldenfels and Jennifer Dixon, Callway publishing.

The book is not only a great lecture on how to wear and buy vintage but also a handy style guide on matching what you have, finding out which kind of vintage works best with your own personal style and what to look out for in originals and fakes.

I became a vintage lover by accident because I inherited a lot of vintage cloths from my mother and grandmother who loved to get dressed in Yves Saint Laurent, Jil Sander and Chanel.

Grumpy teen mood soften by a velvet bow in her hair by Chanel from Jasmins grandmother aka Irma.

They always kept their cloths in good condition and it was only natural that one day I will take them into my wardrobe.

I still look for more and try to find things that remind me of special moments. Like the other day when I found these vintage Christian Lacroix sunshine earrings in a little store in Paris.

Found them again! These golden suns by Christian Lacroix make your face glow.

I had theses earrings before but lost them somewhere. That is actually the essence of vintage, what goes around comes around.


IRMA´S tips on wearing vintage and more in the new book “Wir lieben Vintage” (order here)


  1. If you start investing in vintage fashion, always start with accessories, they are easier to integrate in your wardrobe than pret-a-porter and you can resell them much easier later on. If they are from a namely designer brand they also increase in value.
    These Prada flats are not realy vintage, they are from 2015. But older Prada collections are worth collecting, they are getting even better when they age.
  2. Look for things nobody else is looking for. For example, there was a time when everyone wanted a Chanel chain bag or the Kelly bag, at that time look for a monogram Louis Vuitton box bag, you will get better prices and time will come when everyone wants what you already have. Than you will be the first to wear it or the lucky girl who makes a great profit reselling.
  3. Get and keep a Hermès silk scarf. You will always use it and it will become more beautiful the older it gets. It is a piece of silk cloths which can be used for very different things. I used my vintage Gucci carré from 1987 to make pillows for my living room.
  4. When vintage shopping, look out for details and buy them. For example, beautiful buttons, cuffs and collars of shirts. Even if the piece of cloths is not interesting you can reuse the valuable details which are great on a simple white shirt or camel coat.
    One of my favourite Prada coats and Prada stilettos in pistaccio satin.
  5. Vintage is also a travel in time. Study the influence that the designer of your favorite brand is subject to and take it from there. For example, Maria Grazia Chiuri at Christian Dior always changes in between the 50s and 70s, her patterns, silhouette and style mixes and matches in these timeframes. You can simply copy and go vintage hunting for your favourite Dior style, once you understood her design algorithm.


Vintage clip on earrings by Christian Lacroix, Jasmin wearing a vintage Kelly bag , 1973, feather cape by Lanvin found at, white jeans Levis, shoes Chanel, sunglasses Celine.