Travel news from around the world

Our Editor at large went around the globe and found out a few things that make travelling easier and get you into the mood for your next travel plans.

Travel with authenticity and style

Travel organizer Abercrombie & Kent combines singular service — such as a private passage by road and lake through the Andes, or a maximum group size of only 12 guests on each Galápagos shore excursion — with insider-access opportunities unlike any you have experienced before. A&K lets you discover Machu Picchu through the eyes of its former resident archaeologist, and introduces you to Incan culture firsthand, through an exclusive meeting with a Incan family.

With expertise in not only luxury but also culture, wildlife and history, Abercrombie & Kent reveals your destination with an authenticity beyond the reach of most other travel companies.

Yoga on the Fly

Picture this: Exploring the endless benefits of yoga while hanging around an airport instead of testing perfumes and lipsticks or browsing magazines in the Duty Free area. Yoga on the Fly offers guided yoga, meditation and breathwork in serene, private studios at airports around the world. And just like that, Yoga on the Fly was born!

Are you traveling alone and want to experience an adventure?

No problem, book your next trip through Oat Travel and travel with a small group of people that share the same passion. For example, discover Sicily’s ancient landscapes and timeless traditions or visit the city of Rio de Janeiro and follow a host who is up for anything. Oat Travel has won the Solo Travel award in 2017 for Best Tours.

Create your own travel book

I am sure there is an app for this… but keeping it old school and writing down all your thoughts and ideas in a Smythson travel notebook is so classy with the wonderful travel journals. A travel journal is the gem of every library. Nothing beats pen and paper when it comes to precious notes, memories and holiday doodles.

Can’t fall asleep on a long-distance flight?

The Bose QuietControl wireless headphones set creates your own noise cancelation level and lets you relax with these comfortable, lightweight headphones. You hear what you want – so you won’t miss boarding or in-flight announcements. The “Bose-connect app” makes Bluetooth pairing easy, and the Lithium-ion battery lasts 10 hours per charge.

Fly like a princess

With the Dreamsacks travel silk sheets, your seat on the airplane or train becomes a luxury bed for sleeping. Take along your own Dreamsacks travel sheets. The washable silk adds warmth and softness, whether used as an extra layer in bed or as a sleeping bag liner. There’s a pocket to cover your pillow, and you can choose from four colors. It is so much more hygenic and feels simply luxurious.