Train yourself to generate better ideas

What means creativity? There are many different answers to that question, but one thing is for sure. Creativity deals with production of a thing, an idea, etc.. As long as you are focused on finding a relevant idea and keep on moving, great ideas will come to you. Here is how creativity can be found quickly and everywhere.

1. Consider what you consume. Some people say, the more you consume the less creativity is necessary to live your life. This can be easily changed by focusing on what is really needed and surround yourself with less.

2. Regurgitate what you consume, especially when it comes to digital Media. The better you know your focus the more you can be specific about the idea you are looking for. Use the digital world for your research and edit constantly until you have found the essence of your topic.

3. Become an expert on the topic that is most important to you. The more you know the easier you can leave the track for something new and the more you know how things are functioning. …

4. Capture ideas when they come, carry a sketchbook with you, start to record ideas and thoughts on your memo. Do not think that you will write it down later, that might be too late. And observe where you find new ideas. Is it by going for a run, or just sitting in the park watching the birds?

5. Ask more questions., the more you know the easier new things come up…

6. Study opposite takes on the same idea to find out if your idea really works for yourself and others …

7. Doodle Something, look up a movie or book title, get lost in a museum or just listen to podcasts about a topic that is of interest to you.

8. Sign Up for a class in something you’ve never done before, or you always wanted to do.

9. Create a perfect environment for your work flow. This is very personal. I like flowers on the table and a yoga matt next to my desk for a good stretch,

10. If no more ideas are coming, pause the brainstorming and move your body, a walk in the park or woods is always a very good idea.