International Women’s Day!

Yes, shout out, it is International Women’s Day and who would have thought in 2010, when we came up with the idea of IRMA for IRMASWORLD, that this little illustrated character influences and inspires so many other women.

With IRMA we have a wink on putting ideas into your head, communicating new visions, places to go and things to do.

We are a team of creative women who want to give you new thoughts and many more dreams to dream.

We teamed up with DEEZER and our DJ Maggy Smiss who created this playlist for you and today you have the chance to win an IRMA T-SHIRT with the message #IRMAforwomen. Just go to irmasworld on Instagram and comment on our post.

Join us for more to come!


IRMA T-Shirt, special International Women’s Day edition. 




International Women’s Day Special Playlist