5 reasons to use Aloe Vera right now

Aloe has many beneficial reasons for your skincare. This healing plant is loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make it a perfect allrounder especially now when seasons are changing. The Korean Beauty Box  from MISSHA selected the best beauty products from the Korean market and our beauty editor has found more reasons why aloe is good for your skin right now

Korean beauty box, skin care Aloe
  1. Aloe is a power pack: because it contains more than 200 active compounds like amino acids, enzymes, lignin, minerals and vitamins to treat the skin, there is no other healing plant that contains so many beneficial ingredients in one plant.
  1. Aloe heals – you probably know aloe as skin safer for sunburned skin. But it is also the perfect anti-aging remedy because it contains highly efficient antioxidants and could reduce dark spots on the surface of the skin. Especially after a harsh winter, dried, suffered skin gets a perfect polish with aloe.
  1. Aloe Gel is the perfect toner: Its moistures your skin and act astringent. It minimizes your pores and leaves your skin plumped, ready for your serums and creams to put on your skin.
Korean Aloe Mask
  1. Aloe is good for your hair: It reduces dryness and split ends, if you massage it into your scalp it reduces dandruff and can stimulate your hair growth. So, use it after your hair wash, or even in-between.
  1. Aloe is a detox pro. It is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. It cleanses and detoxifies your skin and your body. You can also put the gel in your breakfast bowl or smoothie to hydrate your skin from inside.
Aloe Vera