THE SILK by SENSAI: A perfume experience like a veil of silk that enchants you all day long


Isn’t it the calm, clear state of mind that we long for and need so desperately, especially during the next weeks, between many to-dos before Christmas and rushing through Christmas shopping and more? So where can we find all those little things that should actually give us this sensual (Christmas) feeling?

IRMA found something that will hopefully give you moments of this pure balance and warm feeling.
It’s the Eau de Parfum SENSAI THE SILK from Japanese luxury brand SENSAI, named after the main ingredients this high-end cosmetics firm is known for for over 80 years: pure silk. And this precious material has now been interpreted into a scent. It’s transparent and clean in one way and warming and sheltering on the other hand all day long.

Which leads us to 3 NEW WAYS for an extraordinary sensuous scent experience:

1) Did you know that in Japan one thousand years ago it was kind of a no-go to put perfume directly onto your skin? Noble women stayed in an ambience where joss sticks scented the air, so the smell would infuse their hair and those fine layers of silk of their kimonos.
Why not pick up some joss sticks which have the flavour of one or two ingredients of the latest SENSAI perfume, SENSAI THE SILK, for example bergamot and violet. In terms of SENSAI THE SILK, those ingredients, together with pink pepper and pear, stand for the pureness of silk as a fabric and also for a way of life.

2) Long before imperial residences in Japan adopted incense, it was only used for religious rituals. Japan’s incense culture dates all the way back to the 6th century. One of the original incense substances was amber, which is now also found in SENSAI THE SILK and represents the warming properties of the tissue, next to peony. And frankly, we all know how heartwarming a flower bouquet is, whether it is put on the office desk or the dining table at home. Of course sometimes not only heartwarming but in some settings this special flower bouquet even wraps us up in a vie en rose silky smooth universe. So yes, you could put this perfume on your wish list for Santa-husband-Claus, the bouquet of roses included, for the complete scent experience.

3) And last but not least, one initial ingredient, the Tonka bean, makes every flavour in your gingerbread and Christmas bakery more delicious and sensual. It is a perfect delicacy for your taste matching the main ingredients of the scent SENSAI, THE SILK. You will find Tonka bean in delicious chocolates and cakes or as a spice in your mocha.

IRMA’S TIP: Take this beautiful flacon by Gwenaël Nicolas , designed to resemble a silk cocoon, with you and renew the scent on your clothes, hair and skin whenever you want to feel and absorb the richness of scent and let the fragrance surround you. Close your eyes and inhale deeply to be embraced by the traditional, Japanese scent culture.

SENSAI THE SILK is signed by perfumer Marie Salamagne.