Clogs on their way

Who would have thought that the most non-sexy shoe is getting it’s way all along the runway this summer?
Some of us might remember the 1970s, when clogs already had their fashion moment in all variations and hights. This time they come in luxury editions by most wanted brands like Hermès, Celine, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and many, many others.

Love them or not, they definitely are the It-accessory of summer 2021. Are they comfortable to wear? I tried the Hermès ones and they have a soft and lovely fit, because of their exquisite calf leather.
Other variations work with decorative elements that shout out the brand CI, like the Chanel, Louis Vuitton with their Logo on it and Celine with the golden Caléche detail.
But there are many more brands that hop on this summer trend, look for PORTE & PAIRE `s latest collaboration with FRANKIE SHOP and Ancient Greek sandal and many more.

There are a few things you should watch out for when making your choice of summer clog, here are IRMAS ideas:

• Make sure you put an extra rubber sole on them. They are not the quietest to walk around.
• Clogs look nice to dresses and flared skirts, but sometimes they look even better to cropped trousers that show your ankle .
• Chooses a platform version when you are petite, they will make you tall.
• Watch your posture and walk. A rather clumsy shoe like a clog needs a perfect straight silhouette and elegant way of walking.
• If your clog feels too harsh on your feet, use little gel pads in the front of the shoe to make walking more comfortable.


Clogs by Hermès, dress and basket by irmasworld

Clogs by Hermès


Clogs by Chanel
Clogs by Hermès, tote by irmasworld


Clogs by Louis Vuitton
Clogs by Hermès, Shirt, basket and skirt by irmasworld


Clogs by Hermès