The making of IRMA

A year ago I was asked by Callwey Verlag to write a book about IRMA. Of course my first answer was an enthusiastically: YES.
I was flattered, not knowing what work will come my way. I wanted to create something more than just presenting the character IRMA, i was determined to curate and write something beautiful and meaningful for all believers in beauty. I wanted to reflect the work we are doing at IRMA, where everybody leave an artistic fingerprint and how IRMA evolved over the years.

Jasmin Khezri in her studio

That being said- how to get it done? It was challenging to decide WHAT to tell and HOW to tell it.
The IRMA’S WORLD team works with so many different mediums, themes and outlets- that making a selection was sometimes a painful decision to follow.

As an illustrator, i strive to portrait the beauty in the world and in things- big or small. Travel, fashion, beauty, art, people- whatever comes my way. The next step is the inspiration to write about it. To share those experiences that make life so wonderful.

The book shares ideas and tips to make life a little lighter and brighter.


Traveling will always be one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Places, people, food- getting lost in a foreign city. Following your bliss with all your senses ready to explore. And I love hotels that feel like embracing you and sharing their soul with you on jour journey.

Exploring the city

And please do not get me started on my passion fro food. it would fill libraries if you would let me. And I think we all agree that food is so much more that just taste- it is life, family, friends, safety and simply fun.
And never forget the aspect of dressing up when going out fro dinner- all the ladies know how good that feels.

Interview with Kelly Wearstler for AD Magazin

But most of all, I wanted this book to have some inspiration for everybody and every budget.  And last but not least: simply be fun .

Creating pictures for the book

So, i wish you to enjoy this book now and in years to come. And I hope reading it, will inspire you as much as making it.
Don’t let it go to far up the shelf after reading it, take it out every once a while and flip through it again- I promise you: You will find something new every time.
I promise.


My Sketchbook


IRMAS WORLD by Jasmin Khezri