The prettiest hair accessory to buy right now

As far as a trend analysis go for 2021, hair accessories will be grand and already in 2020 scrunchies (or hair ties) are a must to up do your ponytail or give your bun extra volume.

They are friendly and caring for your hair, especially when made of natural cotton or silk. They come in all sizes and width and you can make a statement with an extra-large one that gives extra volume to your hair style.
Play with proportion, colour and fabric to add some dash to your outfit.

Our first IRMASWORLD collection of hair ties come in different width, cotton, silk, embroidered and velvet, embellished with our signature ric-rac ribbon.
They are made of fabrics from our collection to match your favourite blouse or trousers or with a selection of La Maison Pierre Frey fabrics.
One thing is for sure: you need to have one in your tote or around your wrist to tie back that hair from time to time.