Summer knits

Last week, we have launched our summer capsule collection during our Munich Pop Up event. We felt that it was time for some knitwear and isn’t summer perfect for organic cotton wool, soft on your skin? Your hand-knitted piece is now available at our online store.

Our knitwear is inspired by IRMA’S illustrations, the iconic illustrated character developed by Jasmin Khezri.
“When looking at the colours from my illustration art I felt very much inspired to use these hues and tones for our first knitwear collection. Unusual colour combinations make this capsule a unique collection, very feminine and super comfortable to wear. We added a small belt, so you can play with your own style and silhouette to make it your favourite summer piece.”

Find more labels to watch for cool summer knitwear:

Knitted shorts by Le_pull_le_pull


Pullunder and belt by irmasworld combined to our pistachio pants.


Xs knits by Alessandra Rich


Knitted tops by Hope


Our summer Knitwear No.2


Beige knits by Ulla Johnson


Knitted belts by Irmasworld


Knitwear No. 3


Knitwear No.1