A paradise garden

Entering the gateway of the Castell Son Claret brings you indeed in to a paradise-like place that is on one hand typical for Mallorca on the other hand absolutely unique, because to its surrounding and spirit.

The Castell dates back from 1450. It is situated in front of the magnificent Tramuntana mountains which is UNESCO world heritage. The private, well-groomed gardens around the Castell are contrasting the roughness of the nature around and brings a balancing atmosphere to the eye. If you are travelling to the Son Claret you will definitely find tranquillity, fine dining and an exclusive place to stay.

The fine food is mostly created by the organic gardens around the hotel, which also has their own two employed bakers on site who create everything from homemade bread, pastries and cakes to pasta and pizzas, all made with ecological ingredients. The meat and fish are local, and you will find traditional recipes from Mallorca villages on the menu which you will not find easily anywhere else.

Season your oysters for dinner with fresh lemon juice from the gardens of the Castell Son Claret, is one of the many culinary treats you will enjoy during your stay.


The hotel has an authenticity, although it meets the highest standard of luxury which we experienced in one of their newly built private Villas with a private pool surrounded by a lush garden.

Entering the gateway to the gardens of Son Claret. Hat by Hermès, Canvas bag by Irmasworld The label.

Even when staying a week at the Castell, you will not get bored as there are many things to do around.
Here are just some of our activities we suggest:

Up to the 550 meters High mount Puig Galatazó, the highest mountain in Mallorca, walk through the typical Mallorca nature, oak woods and stony paths. You have to wear good hiking shoes as parts of it are very steep.

Is a less sportive way of hiking. Still, you will walk through villages and the Tramuntana-Region but accompanied by an artist guide through the WOW APP which functions through geolocation and tells you about the island from a historical, culinary and artistic side as many creative souls like, Jules Verne, Frédéric Chopin, Robert Graves, Julio Cortázar, Josep Pla, to name a few have lived and worked here.
Find more information here: Walking on Words | Mallorca Literària

You don’t have to miss out on a day at the beach. There are close by beaches, like the Playa de Sant Elm, a 30-minute drive from the hotel which reminds us at the Caribbean with its palm trees and turquoise water.

We did not mind the 50-minute drive to Deià with one of my favourite fish restaurants in the world, the Ca’s Patró March, where you enjoy lunch, overlooking the small coast of this artist village. Probably not a good idea on a crowded day in August but always great to enjoy lunch and go for a quick swim afterwards.

If you like to see how Miro lived and worked in Mallorca, you have to visit the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró. Visit his studio where he has lived from 1956 until his death. You will see his working tools, studio atmosphere and objects that accompanied his life and work.

The interior is a mix of fine natural materials and fabrics to high luxury standards, all matching the atmosphere of the gardens and the old Castell.


Getting lost in time by walking through the garden where you will find many places to sit down, read, write and scribble if you like.
You feel like spending all day in your private villa and taking a dip in your pool besides enjoying the colours that surround you.
Book a hiking tour or go on yourself for a walk around the beautiful Tramuntana mountains.