Places we will visit again soon

Sometimes the joy in our imagination is greater than in reality. Like a little secret, we keep it to ourselves and only share it with our closest friends. “Where are you going next?” became a very delicate question. Not entirely sure if the person asking the question should be part of the inner wanderlust that is happening very soon. Travel destinations became a new personal CI. Are we loyal and stay local, a few days at a mountain resort or are we flying to the Maldives and stopover in Dubai to indulge in our favourite restaurant?
Whichever type of traveller you are, the joy of going away has never been bigger than now. Making a plan, packing the bag, organizing reservations in our favourite restaurants, all that and more adds to a new joy of travelling. We are modest, moderate and careful with the time we spend on a holiday and cherish each moment, each restaurant order and maybe every swim in the sea , as if it would be our last ( before lockdown, again: )
Wherever you are going, enjoy and stay safe.



Patina Maldives

A new experience of the most talked about Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, founder of Studio MK27 . Imbedded in the most beautiful fauna of Fari Island, with buildings kept low for not interrupting the horizon line and with design pieces by Bassam Fellows, Lin Brasil, Gervasoni and Vitra, and outside Dedon, Carlos Motta and Paola Lenti , this unique and just opened resort Island tops it with art installations by US artist James Turell.

Patina Maldives



Just renovated this Berlin classic is the place to stay when you like the charm of the golden 20s Berlin brought to contemporary design and the art of living in a hotel.



A perfect place for a weekend in Lisbon, if you like busy streets and a fantastic view from a roof top terrace above town. Spacious rooms and beautiful design, but make sure you take a room to the back side, if you need silence at night.



Not only our favourite place in Marrakech because of their perfect Blue Hour situation on Their roof top terrace , overviewing the Medina to the Atlas Mountains. They have the best Vodka Orange ( freshly juiced ) in town and the most beautiful, personal rooms.



A special kind of place, focusing on the importance of engaging with the local contemporary art scene, Esperinos is collaboration with Grace, an independent art foundation operating in Athens since 2016. Grace curates an annually updated collection of art and design works that is presented within the residency, while presents a program of in-house art events throughout the year



For me this place is very nostalgic, as I used to spend my easter holidays with my parents there. We came for lunches and dinners and since a child I loved the bar and dining rooms, crowded with art works, always wondering if they were duplicates. Have a drink in the bar and enjoy their freshly cut Salami.