Summer hair SOS

We asked Marine Gimbert, International Marketing Director – Hair Rituel by Sisley, for her recommendation to protects, nourish and rebuilt damaged summer hair, as they just launched a new product of their series Hair Rituals. Here comes her hair care advices for summer.

IRMA: Why is a hair analysis so important, not only for your hair, but also for your scalp?
MARINE GINBERT: Because all hair is unique and has its own characteristics, it is important to use the correct routine to treat and beautify the various hair types according to individual needs.
If you want to get the most accurate diagnosis for your hair, then you cannot do it without checking the condition of your scalp: healthy hair cannot happen without a healthy scalp!


IRMA: Never before was there such a focus on hair and scalp care. Why do you think haircare is the new skincare?
MARINE GINBERT: The cells of the skin and scalp are very similar in terms of their composition and functioning.
So, to ensure unique hair vitality and beauty, you should take care of your scalp as you would do for your skin!
Our best product to represent this unique philosophy is the Revitalizing Fortifying Serum, that has been exclusively formulated for the scalp. Highly concentrated in plant-based extracts, proteins, vitamins and minerals, this visibly fortifying serum soothes the scalp and energizes the hair. With each application, the hair looks shinier and more radiant with vitality.

IRMA: How can you treat your hair and scalp from inside?
MARINE GINBERT: You can treat your hair and scalp from inside thanks to 2 powerful complexes, that are contained in all our products:
– The Revitalizing Fortifying Complex that is going to directly supply powerful active nutrients (Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E Acetate, Pro-Vitamin B5) to the scalp, for hair full of vitality.
– The Restructuring Complex that is going to rebuild the protein and lipid structure of the hair thanks to Cotton Proteins and Ceramide Analogue for intensively nourished, and restored hair, left feeling glossy, silky, and shiny.

IRMA: In summer, our hair is extremely damaged. Can you give us some tips on how to take extra care and how to protect your hair during and after the summer months?
MARINE GINBERT: It is true that in summer, hair is exposed to more damaging factors, the most harmful ones being UV rays and pool water exposure. The combination of both causes hair dryness, roughness to the touch, brittles and other split ends. Those factors also are responsible for the fading of the artificial colour, if you have coloured hair.
So it is, indeed, essential to take extra care of your hair during and after summer months.
During summer months, we recommend:

The Gentle Purifying Shampoo to gently detoxify on a regular basis. It instantly eliminates surface impurities, sand, and sebum for hair that is left looking lighter, more voluminous, glossy, and radiating vitality.

The Precious Hair Care Oil to delicately perfume the hair and bring immediate nutrition, radiance and softness.

The Protective Hair Fluid, as your must-have hair protector! It is particularly adapted for summer as its formula contains two filters against UVA and UVB rays. It also contains Macadamia, Shea, Hazelnut, and Camellia oils to nourish, restore the hair fiber and bring softness, suppleness and shine to the hair.

The Radiance & Softness Brush used minimum twice a day to remove impurities and instantly reveal the hair’s luminosity and radiance, for detangled, soft and shiny hair.

After summer, we recommend deeper treatments to rebuild the hair’s protein structure. Try:

– The Restructuring Nourishing Balm, to intensely nourish, restore and restructure hair overnight. The hair left feeling glossy, silky, and shiny. You can also use it in a 30-minute application for express nutrition

– One of our Soins Lavants to gently cleanse while providing the necessary vitamins and minerals for the vitality of the scalp and the hair

– The Cream 230 that not only perfectly protects the hair from heat-styling tools up to 230°C, but also restores and repairs hair. This true leave-in conditioner will make hair silky and radiant with beauty in one gesture.


IRMA: A pre-hair washing ritual and the actual hair wash should be a wellness and care ritual. Do you have any suggestions on how to make a hair wash effective and enjoyable?
MARINE GINBERT: To provide a true hair “reset” by absorbing and eliminating pollution and impurities from the scalp and hair, give a try to the Pre-Shampoo Purifying Mask for hair that is visibly cleaner, and regains its shine, suppleness and lightness.
For it to be efficient, it is key to follow the application techniques:

– Using the targeted nozzle applicator, apply section by section to dry scalp and hair

– Massage well into the scalp to energize it and stimulate microcirculation and leave the product on for 10 minutes

– R_i_n_s_e_ _c_a_r_e_f_u_l_l_y_._

Then shampoo with the Gentle Purifying Shampoo for scalp that feels purified and hair that feels refreshed and free from product buildup.

– W_e_ _r_e_c_o_m_m_e_n_d_ _t_h_a_t_ _y_o_u_ _l_e_t_ _y_o_u_r_ _h_a_i_r_ _g_e_t_ _f_u_l_l_y_ _w_e_t_ _b_e_f_o_r_e_ _a_p_p_l_y_i_n_g_ _t_h_e_ _s_h_a_m_p_o_o_.

– Apply shampoo only onto the scalp, and let it clean the rest of the hair when you rinse it out.

– Take the time to massage your scalp with gentle pressure, being careful to avoid circular or harsh back and forth movements.

– Spend 1 to 2 minutes rinsing your hair to be sure no product remains, as it can lead to scalp buildup

Combining those 2 products, hair is left looking lighter, more voluminous, glossy, and radiating vitality.

Sisley The Radiance & Softness Brush

IRMA:How about sun care for the scalp? Is the skin on your scalp actually protected by your hair?
MARINE GINBERT: Indeed, exactly as the skin protects your body from external aggressors, including UV Rays, the hair plays the same role for your scalp. That is why, the stronger and thicker your hair is,
the better protection your scalp has! That is why we recommend using one Soin Lavant of our collection, followed by the Restructuring Conditioner.
You can also protect your scalp and hair from UV Rays with the Protective Hair Fluid, but we truly recommend wearing a hat or a cap to complete the protection of your hair and scalp from the sun.