Skincare light

Traveling light has many benefits, one of which is being able to skim your beauty routine during a summer vacation. Which doesn’t mean neglecting it, just focusing on the essentials while enjoying the beauty treats of sun and sea.

Pack travel sizes to start with, so you can stay in your carry-on and get a range of travel sizes such as Sisley Skincare. Use fewer products that have multiple effects.

Like of example:

SISLEY, eye contour mask
This eye mask works with a unique combination of plant-origin active ingredients (Ginkgo biloba, Arnica, Horse Chestnut, Linden blossom), vitamins (Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E acetate), and oligo-elements (Malachite and Chlorella), it works within 10 minutes to hydrate and reduce signs of fatigue.
It can be used as a leave on eye mask, but also as an eye cream for day and night. Use it also at night around the contours of your lips and you have a perfect skin and lip care after a day at the beach. Available in travel size.


This spray mist is an indulgence during your flight or after lifting the mask upon arrival but use it also as a toner before putting on your day and night cream and also for your hair to hydrate during sunbathing. It is a perfect make up fixer, although you don’t need any make-up on vacation, but it always gives your face a healthy glow and a refreshing aura. Available in Travel size


SISLEY, Restorative Facial Cream.
Actually you only need one cream and the SISLEY facial cream with shea butter works day and night. You can also use it as a mask by adding an additional layer on top for your night skin care. The ingredients are perfectly matched for days by the sea, with shea butter that nourishes, soothes, repairs, softens and protects and carrot that revitalizes, hydrates. Available in travel size.


LEONOR GREYL, L’Huile Leonor Greyl,
A pre shampooing oil and treatment oil with organic coconut, sesame and jojoba, nourishing, protective and regenerating, suitable for all
hair and also body, perfect care for a beach vacation. Use it in fair amount as a pre- and after-sun care on your elbows, feed and knees for special care.

Take smaller bags on vacation and stuff them with bigger canvas bags, like this they stay in shape and leave enough room for cloths and shoes. All you need are some sunnies and one of our scrunchies to match your bikini.

Bon yoyage


Bag by Lutz Morris, sunglasses by Prada, scrunchy by Jasmin Khezri Collection, travel size skincare by SISLEY