NOŪS Santorini. A spacious indulgence

When you start dreaming about Santorini, you might have the whitewashed villages and azure blue skies in your mind. Villages splattered on mountains above the sea and wind in your hair. These associations all come true when you step into the lately opened NOŪS Santorini resort, but in a far more spacious and modern version.
The newly opened resort with 121 rooms, owned by the YES!Hotel group, founded by Dakis Joannou, one of the greatest art collectors in the world opens its doors this month after they have created a minimal and modern version of the classic villages like Oia and Thira, where hotels are tucked into small corners and terraces as there is little space.


At NOŪS you are at the right place, especially when you don’t want to be on the other side of the island which has the beautiful view on the volcano but also the thousands of day tripping tourists that come along for the magical sunset Santorini is so well known for.

NOŪS is a different kind of story. A compound of minimal architecture modern forms, built by Athens – based studios Diversity Architects in collaboration with the  MPlusM Architects design studio.

Room with a view

There are two main concepts that draw along the entire hotel. Original art works by different Greek artists from Dakis Joannou’s private collection and modern design classics such as Konstantin Grcic, Faye Toogood and Doshi Levien merging in with the minimal and spacious lay out of the resort.
You may want to stay at a bungalow and private pool in a lush settled garden embedded by lavender flowers and sea view (Room 305 was mine) that hardly wants you to leave this place. Maybe for a signature treatment in the spa and some aqua therapy or a dip into the biggest pool on the Island (50 meters) for a morning swim.

This place invites you for a slow living between pool, restaurant and your bungalow. Fine, yet simple food with highest quality ingredients and no fuss, rounded up this experience, topped with the finest Greek olive oil.

Cork yoga mats are available in your room and invite you for daily asanas at your pool and there are many corners around your house that shout, take a seat and read a book.

Poof, Crossed by B-LINE

And do not forget to plan a sundowner or restaurant visit at Oia, to make your Santorini experience complete. A truly magical experience although I rather like to avoid crowds, but rest assured, returning to NOŪS is a treat.

Chair, desert lounge by Ferm Living

– Extremely friendly staff
– A delicious breakfast with home-made breads, cakes and pastries by the hotels Patisserie chef.
– Amenities by Korres

Lounge Chair MERANO by B-LINE


Tattoos Coffee Tables and chairs by Driade


Art installation. VASKOS