Things to look forward to when the children have left the house

The holidays were great, especially when we had a full house, a full fridge and a full schedule to go to town with the family. Looking back, I really miss this time, even though sometimes endless shopping lists and the constant occupation of my kitchen can drive me crazy.
But all the more I enjoy the time when the house is empty again and things go their way. This got me thinking about how I can discover my hometown of Munich in a different way than usual. Isn’t it always the case that we want to do things differently at the start of a new year, with or without children?

Here comes my list of things to do now:



Rootine Wellness Club

Start the new year with a three-day detox prepared by the Rootine Wellness Club. Here you’ll find juices, stews and homemade soups prepared fresh every day. My tip: Organise some body treatments like sauna or massage in the afternoon so you have a complete three-day wellness package in your hometown.


Food shopping at Viktualien Markt

Continue with fresh vegetables and fruit and enjoy your daily grocery shopping at the Viktualienmarkt. Also to get inspired for your daily cooking. I recommend the potato stall with many different varieties of potatoes or WILDE ZEITEN for game. Finish your shopping with the best espresso in town at the Kaffeerösterei Viktualienmarkt.



Vintage glassware

Brighten up your home with thrifted items from the many vintage dealers around the Gärtner Platz district. There are many in different price ranges, but half the fun is browsing their wares.



Enjoy dinner at a restaurant or bar you don’t normally visit every day. You will experience a different taste or culinary journey and sometimes even learn more about food. I like the Tantris DNA restaurant, especially its cheese variations and the in-between amuse gaeulles



IRMA illustrations at Christina Haubs Galerie

Invest in new table wear, candlesticks or lamps to brighten up January. Christina Haubs has a selection of beautiful antiques and Stephanie Thatenhorst’s showroom, on the other hand, has modern, mostly Italian designers.





Muster up all your courage and start with a winter swim, or rather a jump into the Isar (be careful, choose the spot carefully) or one of the many lakes around Munich.
It’s more of a plunge than a swim, but it strengthens your immune system and gives you lots of energy. My tip: Wear bathing shoes, a warm hat and dress warmly when you go home.



Cake from the Café Luitpold

Do some food shopping at places you usually wouldn`t go. We tried cakes from Café Luitpold and their Engadina Apple cake is delicious; unfortunately, the pieces are extremely small ;(