Shop summer sweaters on sale now…

…and wear and love them all year round.

As seasons and collections are going hand in hand, you will always find a piece that is on sale now and already fits perfectly for the next season. IRMA selected her favourite summer sweaters which you can wear now on chilly summer nights and which will still make you happy in autumn and winter.

5 tips to make it work

  1. Look at the winter collections now and see which trends you would like to follow next season. Be the first to have your favourite kind of knitwear already before the new collections come out and buy them on a great budget from the last season. Remember: designers also look into different collections and what might be last season for one will be new season with a twist for the other.
  2. Last season does no longer means not as good. If you know what suits you best, you will always find a great piece for you that is on sale right now.
  3. If you are not yet in the mood for winter (and who is in June anyway?), stay in the colours that fit your summer wardrobe and mix the sweaters with a summer dress or skirt on chilly nights.
  4. You will see these pieces will prolong your summer and always put you in a good mood and there is nothing better than a bright red jumper with grey tweed men’s style pants.
  5. Store the sweaters you are not wearing at the moment with silk paper in between, or if you prefer to hang them, pad them slightly at the shoulders with some silk paper. That way, they will stay in shape.
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Isabel Marant
Dries Van Noten
Isabel Marant