Pure & simple NOŪS SPA

One reason you might come to the newly opened NOŪS resort on Santorini Island might be the spa, that offers bespoke treatments and a deep knowledge on ancient Greek skincare and beauty to indulge your skin, soul and body during you summer vacation. We chatted to Maria Eleni Gkigki, the spa manager, who also gives us an insight into the concept of Greek beauty from the inside out.


IRMA: Tell us about your concept at NOŪS SPA and how do you emphasize your Greek tradition of Spa culture within this concept?
MARIA ELENI GKIGKI: At NOŪS Spa we embrace the minimalistic and contemporary way of living and skincare, and our treatments are especially designed for the modern traveller, a person who seeks sanctuary, simplicity and authentic experiences.

This concept is completely aligned with the overall environment and architecture of our hotel. Our treatments are simple yet unique and provide our quest an exceptional tailored made wellness experiences by using natural products with exceptional ingredients grown and harvested in Greece.

IRMA: How important is aqua/ Thalasso therapy in your program?
MARIA ELENI GKIGKI: Water has been interpreted as the source of life throughout the centuries. At Nous Spa we use its properties in a way to improve not only physical but also mental wellbeing. We try to include water to all our offered experiences from our early yoga sessions by our pool, where our quests can meditate with the sound of water, to the hydrotherapy before our Couple Experience Journey treatment and of course our cold plunge pool which provides rejuvenation in-between the sauna sessions of our quests.


IRMA: Tell us a little bit about the skin care you are using at NOŪS Spa and why you decided on using KORES?
MARIA ELENI GKIGKI: Korres is an authentic Greek brand started from a small apothecary by George Korres and until today the brand remains sustainable; while its main purpose is to create natural products with strong results on the skin, great quality ingredients without disrupting skins natural appearance.

IRMA: Can you tell us some secrets about Greek skin care and body therapy. Your culture has a great tradition of aqua therapy, holistic therapy, to name a few.
MARIA ELENI GKIGKI: Greece has a long history as far as spa culture concerned. Despite the ancient Greek lifestyle, where wellbeing played a major role on ancient Greek philosophy, Greece’s geographic position as well as its history affected the spa culture in the area; from roman baths to Turkish hammams and natural hot or cold springs Greece has a wide range of natural and manmade resources that create an assemblage of a multicultural spa identity that enhances water in its every form and natural ways that promote wellbeing.


IRMA: Is there a tip you can give your guests to treat your hair and skin after a day in the sun.
MARIA ELENI GKIGKI: The best way to treat hair and skin from sun expose is to act in a proactive way by wearing face and hair sunscreen.
After the sun expose it is super rejuvenating to use some masks, for both hair and face.
Use a hair mask and wrap the hair with a nice warm towel for 15min. For the mask to penetrate deeper, while using a face mask with deep hydration and cooling effect with deeply nourishing ingredients such as yoghurt or wild rose extract.

IRMA: Can you name us a Greek recipe for inner beauty and well-being?
MARIA ELENI GKIGKI: The most Greek way of achieving inner beauty and wellbeing is to seek authenticity in all the pillars of our life. To create deep connections with the people around us and the nature and enjoy every meal, every laugh and every experience that life brings on your way.