LUTZ MORRIS, no sizing, pure artisanship, made in Germany

I met Tina Lutz many years ago in New York at Cristy Turlington’s birthday party.
At that time Tina was co–founder of the women’s ready–to- wear line Lutz & Patmos focusing on luxury knitwear. I’ve always liked her effortless yet well thought out style that she incorporated into the design.
Years later, Tina returned to Berlin and launched her new luxury handbag label, Lutz Morris, which focuses on her true passion for craftsmanship and responsible production, which takes place entirely in Germany. She recently moved to Milan.

IRMA: What made you change from Prêt-à-porter to leatherware?
TINA LUTZ: I wanted to follow my passion for product design. For me designing bags is like making sculptures.
I love creating three dimensional shapes and personally make all my first prototypes by hand.


Lutz Morris founder Tina Lutz at her workshop in Berlin

IRMA: What is your signature when designing a bag?
TINA LUTZ: The Lutz Morris signature is the custom-made frame in 24k gold-plated stainless steel and our minimal stud hardware in 24k gold-plated brass.
There is also a discrete topstitching detail on some bags, which features the letters L and M: the initials of my last name.


IRMA: A perfect bag for every day needs to function and what is needed to make it work?
TINA LUTZ: I am obsessed with functional bags which is why most of our bags have built-in wallets including card slots for credit cards and pockets for mobile phones.

IRMA: Bags have more and more a different meaning nowadays. For some they are still statement pieces and others rather leave the bag at home when going out at night (Carine Roitfeld). What do you have in mind when creating a new bag?
TINA LUTZ: I love my bags to be discrete and I want them to take a woman from day into night and from weekday into weekend.
I collaborated with Carine when I had my previous brand Lutz & Patmos and I was always amazed by how she managed to go out without a bag!

IRMA: Do you ever think of an IT BAG? If so, what are your criteria to make an IT BAG?
TINA LUTZ: Even before having my own bag company I always stayed away from It-bags as they have a short lifespan and I believe that bags should last for a lifetime and not just for a season.

IRMA: It’s travel time and I’m currently only traveling with hand luggage; Can you give us your travel tips for bags/suitcases and how to carry more in a small space??
TINA LUTZ: I love to travel light. A few years ago, I went with my family on a four-month trip through Southeast Asia and we all travelled with one carry-on bag each.
While preparing for the trip I discovered the MUJI travel-pouches which allow you to organize your items in categories. It is as if you were creating drawers in your suitcase.
It made it so easy to find things and to pack and unpack.
My other constant travel companion is my Parker M soft bag – it sits on top of my carry-on suitcase and holds my iPad, headphones, water bottle and all my other travel essentials.


SAYLOR Canvas bag, Lutz Morris


IRMA: Is there a tip you can give on how to find your personal signature bag? Some women are associated to their handbags, like for example Jacky O to the 61GUCCI or Inés de la Fressange always wearing her strap handbags cross body.
TINA LUTZ: We have a few customers who love our Parker bag so much that they own it in every colour.
It is such an honour to have created a bag that women wear exclusively.
Personally, I like to mix it up and wear a different bag for different occasions. At the moment my favourites are Parker S soft for the day and Parker Horizon for the night.


IRMA: Where are you going on holidays and which bag will you be taking?
TINA LUTZ: I am going to my favourite Greek island, and I will be taking to the beach my Saylor bag and the Carey water-bottle holder to avoid plastic bottles.
For the evenings I will bring our new Parker Horizon bag and my favourite Miller clutch.

PARKER Soft bag  and CAREY water bottle holder, Lutz Morris