Pure & beautiful, Buly 1803


PARIS: I love old pharmacies and apothecaries with their mysterious scents and a myriad of drawers and jars holding many ancient beauty secrets. One of my new favorites is L’Officine universelle Buly, or simply Buly 1803, at Rue Bonaparte in Paris.

Time seems to stand still here, It goes back to the old pharmacy, which was founded by Jean-Vincent Bully in the early 19th century and made a name for itself with perfumes and scented vinegars. 
The legendary place was reborn in Paris last year, when it opened under the name Buly 1803. Stacked to the ceiling with wooden shelves and drawers, ceramic bottles and glass cases, it is a treasure chest for an exquisitely packaged collection of candles, essential oils from all over the world, water-based perfumes and soaps, all made in the tradition of 19th-century craftsmanship.

The fragrances, in particular – including bergamot, tuberoses, Damask rose, English honey, Scottish moss, bitter orange and Makassar ebony – are a delight and a visit at Buly puts me in the perfect mood for the Haute Couture Shows in Paris this week. And the good thing if you are not in Paris: They also have an online shop.

More information:

Buly 1803
6 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris