First treatment revival

Tucked away in the leafy back court from Munich’s busy Maximilianstraße you will find La Maison Valmont. The Swiss skin care brand is known for its high concentrated ingredients that are designed to create a technically superior treatment on your skin.

I have my first appointment, after a very long time of treating my skin at home during various lockdowns and I am longing more than ever for a moment of this regenerative skin care ritual.

Although this treatment focuses only on the face, I felt that my entire body was relaxed and back in a balancing flow. The skin care therapist starts with a cleansing treatment applying ICY FALLS, a skin cleansing jelly, consisting of probiotics and prebiotics as well as glacier water.

Followed by classic VITAL FALLS, a face toner that balances the PH value of the skin with hamamelis, chamomile and calendula extract. It is massaged and tapped onto the face, neck and décolleté.

Their exfoliant is massaged into the dry skin. A mix of fine crystals imbedded in a creamy rich texture, nourish the skin and at the same time remove dead skin cells.

The Intensive skin care is their signature anti – stress and anti – fatigue mask. It consists of the signature Valmont formular, The Cellular Prime Complex.

After 20 minutes the mask gets swiped off with hot, damp towels and the skin is one more time massaged with a PRIME B.CELLULAR Anti-Aging Serum, a perfect energy booster and which can be used as an intensive treatment at the beginning of summer.


Finalised with PRIME CONTOUR eye cream tapped around the eyes and upper lip and the PRIME 24 HOUR, a cream that evens out skin texture and pigmentation, so you can actually dispense on make-up.


As you lay on the warm, heated bed, you’ll find your body in a blissful state of relaxation as the skilled skin care therapist works the products into the skin with ease and your entire body feels relaxed and balanced.

I suggest starting the post-lockdown time with a treatment like this. It is worth the investment and a perfect base to get back into your normal work/ life routine.

If you prefer to try the products at home for a long-lasting result, find each step in the video below.