Places to read

Reading is a luxurious experience, especially when it is done in a unique location that underlines the process and maybe also the content of your book.

Might it be from the balcony of your room during Venice Biennale, at the Bauer Palazzo Hotel next to the Canale Grande, a quiet moment in the sanctuary like lobby of the Amangiri in Utah or reading your favourite artist biography at The Slow Hotel in the shade by the pool in Bali, reading a book is the thing to do this summer.

IRMA selected the most inspiring places to turn the pages of your favourite books.


The Slow is more an art gallery to vacate at than a classic Hotel. You have your garden Villa with a pool to take a dip when it is getting too hot in the sun, but this entire place has many modernist inspired corners to lay down and read a book.


Right in time for Venice Biennale we love to read at the balcony of our room or the terrace by the Canale Grande which is the perfect location during the opening weekend of the biennale. The talented Mr. Ripley is a perfect match.


This hotel feels more like a private residency and the entrance hall just makes you want to fall into their lounge canapés, a perfect contrast from the busy streets outside. There are many more places to get comfortable and lost in your book, like the back-yard garden or the spacious rooms.


If you have difficulties to get in the mood to read or to focus on a book, start here. The Stiftbibliothek in St. Gallen is a library straight out of a fairy tale, actually a perfect place for some heavier literature .

The spacious halls with many antique books make you want to go back to university.


In the heart of the theatre district in Montreal lies this very special café which combines delicious food with a quiet place to read a book or magazine, as you have some seats facing the street with a plaque for your lap top. There is nothing more relaxing than sipping on a hot chai, enjoying home baked bread and your favourite book in your hands.


Reading comes naturally at their place, although each angle of this stunning Aman resort wants your eyes and mind to wander.This hotel is magic and leaves enough space to enjoy the tranquillity and stunning nature.