Paris in my eyes

Walking around Paris this weekend, during the last days of the Maison&Objet fair, inspired me for the next issue, which I will be editing for Sotheby’s as well as for my own home. Here is a visionary summery of what caught my eye and you will surely read more about in the print version soon.

One of the most beautiful presentations recently in Paris at the Collége des Bernardines, where Hermès Anne Sarah Panhard, Managing Director, and her team presented the latest porcelain called TRESSAGE ÉQUESTRES last Sunday, with a food concept and direction by chef-artist Kaitlyn Reinhart, simply stunning.



Visit Galerie Chenel to see the ceramics of Victor Cadene, whose current show, Capriccio, l’Antiquité revée, makes you look forward to summer. Formerly a textile designer, he has by chance moved into scenography and interior design, which includes some beautiful, illustrative ceramics.

Victor Cadene at Galerie Chenel


Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte founded their company in 1996 with a group of siblings from the Astier de Villatte family and friends from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. They created a small company without knowing anything about tableware. They invented and produced “dream objects”, furniture inspired by discarded objects they found on the pavements at night, or in Emmaüs, at the Vanves flea market and at other flea markets. They have fun creating everyday objects and ceramic tableware to decorate the table and the home, using the sculpting techniques they learnt at the Beaux-Arts. The result, totally innovative, is exhilarating. You will also find household products, books, jewellery and perfumes, among many other craft items.

Astier Villatte


Don’t miss the incredible light objects by @univers-uchronia exhibited at the Charles Gallery on Avenue Bonaparte.
These sculptural lightings have an artistic touch and an organic shape that makes these pieces the centre of attraction in an interior.

Charles Gallery


The mother-daughter interior design duo create interiors with Murano glass, Sicilian vintage furniture, summery patterns and opulent tables in their favourite holiday destinations, Ibiza and St Tropez. We discovered their Paris shop, a pot puri of decorative objects, curiosities and objets trouvé, @damontelacarrieusttopez_paris and & @damontecarrieuproject.

Damonte & Lacarrieu


The bold natural stone jewellery from Monies is definitely something to look out for. Founded in Copenhagen in 1973, the company’s concept is based on a love of unconventional natural materials and avant-garde design. All extravagant pieces are handmade, Jardin du Palais Royal, Paris



If you are looking for a special object to change your interior, visit Aline Chastel on rue Bonapart. The gallery focuses on famous names in French design from 1930 to 1970, such as Line Vautrin, Jean Royère, Serge Roche, Georges Jouve or André Arbus. In 2018, Aline Chastel, the gallery’s founder, is bringing a new dynamic into play by presenting pieces by some of the most remarkable modern Brazilian designers.

Galerie Chastel-Maréchal