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BARCELONA: When you have been wearing your hair long almost all of your life und decide to cut it short because you are taken away by the shoulder-length bob all of a sudden, the change can be drastic. Even when you consider that the hair will grow and the better your nutrition and calcium level the faster it will grow, still you will look and feel different. IRMA had a talk with Antonio Corral Calero, Global Creative Director at Moroccanoil, about how to manage this change and which products can be at your service. Take part in this week’s raffle and win all the products that can help.

Send me your best hair styling tips for a bob cut and win the Moroccanoil set (pictured below).

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    IRMA: Going from long to short hair, how do you manage a new styling routine?

    Antonio Corral Calero: Shorter hair is very on-trend at the moment. It is easy to manage and allows for a lot of natural volume, as it is not weighed down by length, making it a versatile cut for both thick and thin hair types. For those with fine hair, a short cut can help keep the hair feeling full and volumized. Regardless of length, I recommend using a great shampoo and conditioner that meets the needs of your hair type and texture. Going to a shorter length, there are a lot of creative styles to experiment with that range from chic to playful, and they are very easy to achieve with your new short cut.

    IRMA: How to get super curls that look natural when you shorten your hair?

    A.C.C.: To create your own curls, start by working Moroccanoil Treatment and Moroccanoil Styling Cream throughout hair to create a nice base for soft and lasting curls. Wind small sections of hair around a medium barrel curling iron leaving the ends curled.

    For those with natural curls, the best thing you can do to define natural curls is to apply Moroccanoil Treatment onto towel dried hair to provide the perfect foundation and then add your favorite Moroccanoil curl product, such as Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream to add moisture and elasticity for beautifully defined curls.

    In the summer season it’s best is to let the hair dry naturally and then run your finger through the root area to lift and add volume. Avoid combs or brushes which can separate the natural texture of your waves or curls and cause frizzing. Your fingers will be your best tool.

    IRMA: Is there an easier styling routine with shorter hair?

    A.C.C.: If you want a haircut that’s easy to maintain and fashionable, try a short modern bob — bangs or no bangs. Any woman looks amazing with this style! Moroccanoil has a range of easy-to-use products that are performance-driven and will adapt to any hair look and lifestyle to help make your styling routine easier.

    IRMA: How can you avoid short hair to look undone and boring?

    A.C.C.: One trend you will see this season is short hair with some added texture. The short length will be super easy to maintain and style. A fun take on this is a rock-and-roll look, where the hair is slicked on the sides with a lot of texture at the top. This edgy look can be achieved using products that give hair a healthy shine and provide the perfect styling base. Use Moroccanoil Root Boost or Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse to add texture to the hair on the top of the head and provide extra lift and volume. A fun trick I like to do is rub a bit of Moroccanoil Molding Cream between my hands and work through the style for a fun tousled texture and added definition.
    I think that simple can be fun too. Adding color or highlights to a short style can give you great texture even with a natural style. Some days it’s perfect to let your hair be natural, undone, and ‘boring’ regardless of the shape or styling. The most important thing is that it looks and feels healthy!

    IRMA: Is there a trick for your hair ends regarding styling and hair care?

    A.C.C.: I recommend applying Moroccanoil Treatment from the mid-shaft to help keep your ends healthy and looking beautiful. Infused with our signature argan oil, Moroccanoil Treatment is a nourishing and conditioning formula that keeps hair manageable and feeling super healthy and is the perfect foundation for styling.  Also, to maintain a short length you have to trim the hair pretty regularly, so this will also help the ends stay undamaged and healthy. It is hard to go wrong with a short, versatile style — there is a style for every personality and a range of products to care of each hair type.

    IRMA: What tips do you have if the hair is cut too short?

    A.C.C.: Tailoring the short style to your face shape is the key — for example with bangs, layering, length etc. The side-parted, swept-to-the-side style, is perfect for elongated and sharp faces. With a rounder face, you can try a more textured and layered style such as Jennifer Lawrence’s new cut. Short styles can be really versatile and effortless.