Natural wine bars USA

America has that thing with bars. It seems that natural wine bars are popping up everywhere and are the new thing to go to.
It’s not only about enjoying wine, but also about learning more about this culture product and embarking on a culinary journey that will take you into the old or new world of wine making and tasting. It is like travelling in taste and sometimes also in style and time.
Here are some of our favourite picks in the US – just in case you want to make your next road trip a natural wine tour.


RED & WHITE, Chicago

Take part in special wine tastings and learn about wineries around the world. Every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm they feature a lineup from an outstanding producer. The tasting is $10 per person; Wine club members can try for free. If you can’t make it, give them a call and browse their online store, curated by country and colour.



The Antler Room is a neighbourhood restaurant owned and operated by Leslie and Nick Goellner, located in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.
Their menus change daily and are inspired by seasonal ingredients, specific preparations or travel-inspired dishes, and paired with wine to match the menu.



Bottle shop & tasting room.
An inviting, down-to-earth wine experience expanding on the concept and success stories of Helena’s taprooms, The Hawthorn is a place to enjoy a glass of wine. A place to meet fellow wine lovers and a great shop for wine from around world and specialty meats and cheeses.



Have dinner at The Four Horsemen, and there’s a good chance you’ll decide that wine should become your new extracurricular activity. You will want to learn more about wine, each time you will stop by. The Four Horsemen stands for an informal education. Think of this tiny Williamsburg restaurant as an eating and drinking classroom that’s always filled with people who look like they’re in bands you don’t know about but should.


An introduction into the world of natural wines, wines produced from organic or biodynamic grapes with very little intervention from the winemaker. Their wine list brings you an unusual selection from small producers from around the world. If you like oysters with your glass of Sauvignon, you will find the best $1 oyster happy hour in NYC.