Bathing time in summer

Taking time for a refreshing dip can be ideal when temperatures are rising and you’re looking for some luxurious time to yourself. A ten-minute soak is always a good idea, especially when you add more beauty treatments while relaxing in honey and milk.



When it comes to bathing, I would say the more the better. Take some sea salt, add essential oils, and indulge in flower blossoms while taking a dip.
Think of the result you want to get from a bath, detox, or moisturizing, or simply refreshing. Add liquid aloe into your bath tab and some peppermint oil on your damp cloths for a true refreshment or use goat milk and honey, mixed with hot water, and add some apricot oil for a true hydrating bath. Himalayan sea salt and coriander oil is perfect for a detox deal.




Taking a bath is about scent and indulgence. Light your favourite scented candles, add some essential oil like rose blossom or spray your favourite perfume on your neck roll.
Think fresh air and if you’re lucky, open the window to let in a breeze, which is the ultimate benefit of a summer swim.




During summer a 20-minute bath in sea salt water can be a treat and refreshing break. Use the time for a face mask, a papaya smoothie to hydrate from inside and an eye mask covered with a chilled gel pad.




Seeking out ingredients like rosemary, lavender, and orange to take down stress, plus Epsom salts to unwind the muscles and the mind is a good way to relax at night. Epsom salts and magnesium flakes (from the pharmacy) will not only restore calm and promote rest, but intensify feelings of warmth and comfort, making them perfect for colder days.



It is not only luxurious but also extremely comforting to relax and lay down after a bath, may it be summer or winter. Find a place to lounge, if possible, on a day bed in your bath room or a deck chair on your balcony or garden. Taking a small nap after a bath only comes naturally and after 10 minutes you will feel refreshed and relaxed.


All pictures taken at Cap Rocat Mallorca , blue scrunchies available in our shop