My lipstick, a mood enhancer

IRMA wears Matte Tilt by URBAN DECAY Matte Revolution Lipstick
IRMA wears Matte Tilt by URBAN DECAY Matte Revolution Lipstick

LOS ANGELES: When you don’t know what to wear in the morning, start with your make-up and choose a lipstick colour that will let you begin your day in a perfect mood. This is what I like about the relatively small colour range of the recently launched Matte Revolution Lipstick by URBAN DECAY. Find all the rich colours you want to wear this autumn and once you have picked your favorite one, I will promise the choice of clothing will be easy. 
The texture is soft and rich, fueled with Vitamin C & E, olive and Babassu oil as well as avocado and shea butter.

When you are not used to wearing lipstick in a strong colour, this one will make a good start to get used to it because the ingredients will nourish your lips and the lipstick becomes almost a treatment rather than just a colour application.

My favorite  colour is MATTE TILT, a strong orange hue and I just apply it punctually on the palm of my lips, I never smear it but rather dab it onto the lips. This way it looks more natural and in this colour you can also use it as a rouge on your cheeks when you go out at night. Try as a base the ULTIMATE OZONE lip primer which can also be used to correct mistakes, prevent feathering and hold lip colour long in place.
Now you know all the reasons why I am really longing for this lipstick set for the weekend ahead of me. Happy weekend!

Shop the Matte Revolution Lipstick and the ULTIMATE OZONE Lip primer by URBAN DECAY directly at or on URBAN DECAY also recently opened a shop in shop at Douglas in Munich’s Neuhauserstrasse. Find the closest shop near you on their website.

We would like to thank URBAN DECAY to provide IRMA with the above mentioned product.